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Scarlet and Black online stylebook and writing manual

First edition: May 2003

1. Philosophies and policies at the S&B

1.1. Audience and mission
1.2. Voice
1.3. Tightropes: objectivity, accuracy and analysis
1.4. Trouble
1.5. Caring for the privacy of sources and subjects

2. Tips on journalistic writing at the S&B

2.1. Qualities of a good story
2.2. Interviewing
2.3. Non-Interview Sources
2.4. Leads and conclusions
2.5. Structure
2.6. Relevance and depth

3. General suggestions on style and usage

4. Alphabetical listing of form and content guidelines at the S&B

5. Resources

5.1. The Student Government Association
5.2. Grinnell's administration
5.3. Useful websites
5.4. Recommended reading
5.5. Grinnell's policy of self governance

*The Scarlet and Black online stylebook and writing manual is a perpetual work-in-progress that will be revised and expanded over time.

Compiled by Michael Andersen '03, with invaluable contributions from:
Katie Mears '03, 2000-03 editor-in-chief
Alejandro Oyarzabal '04, 2002-03 SGA president
Mark Baechtel, English

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