Last updated: December 14 2007
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Bill Clinton speaks at Grinnell College on Monday about his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton.
Clare Patterson
Pres. Clinton defends wife as "change agent"
by Julia Bottles

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Former President Bill Clinton's voice reverberated through out Grinnell College's Darby Gym on Monday as he spoke on behalf of his wife Senator Hillary Clinton before a crowd packed onto the wooden bleachers that normally hold passionate basketball fans.

Between 1,200 and 1,500 people attended the speech, including both dedicated supporters of Sen. Clinton and undecided voters just hoping to see and hear the former president himself. Before the speech, Josh Weber '09 said, "I kind of want to see Bill Clinton and maybe hear about some of the other Clinton's policies."

After close to 15 minutes of talking about problems faced by the world, Weber finally got his second wish as Pres. Clinton began making the case for why his wife should be elected president. Speaking without notes, Pres. Clinton argued that Sen. Clinton is a "change agent" with examples from her life from before the two married to the present day.

Pres. Clinton's argument was that his wife has been this "change agent" her entire life, and as a result of that life as a reformer is uniquely qualified to put that change into action.

As a senator, Pres. Clinton argued, "she gets things done," reminding the audience of her success with pushing through legislation regarding carbon emissions and improvements to veterans' health care.

The president refrained from criticizing Sen. Barack Obama or any of Sen. Clinton's other rivals for the Democratic nomination, focusing instead on praising his wife.

In concluding his address to the Grinnell community, Pres. Clinton simply said, "I'm telling you, in 40 years, she's the best person I've had the chance to vote for for president."