Moving your existing Whitelist/Blacklist addresses

To bring over your existing whitelist/blacklist addresses from the old mailfilter, please reference the following steps.

1) Log on to

2) Click on the Preferences Tab

3) Click on the Bulk Edit Button for either the Whitelist or Blacklist (depending on whether you have entries in both, you will need to repeat the procedure for the other list)

This will bring up a new popup window

4) Highlight all of the addresses in this popup window and hit "Control C" (Windows Copy Command)


Now bring up a text editor (Notepad in Windows is fine for this)

Click in the text window and do a "Control V" (Windows Paste Command) to paste the addresses you copied in step 3 above.


Save this text document. Refer back to and refer to the section on adding Senders to the Safelist/Blocklist for complete instructions.

You will need to copy and paste each address desired individually and click Add to List to add each address to your Safelist/Blocklist.