15 December 1997


This may be the last edition of "Fine Arts Newsletter" until the new year. Our current project architect, Darin Cook, is on site all this week, and we have our monthly project manager's meeting on Tuesday. If any major decisions or changes occur during our various meetings this week, we'll likely put out an additional edition of the "Newsletter" in order to keep everyone informed of any special issues that arise or decisions that are made.


Normally not an area included in past newsletters, as the project nears completion in various areas, developments and improvements in general site conditions will be occurring and deserve mention. The major alteration in the coming weeks involves the perimeter fence at the north end of the site. As the Theatre wing will be coming into use for the Spring semester, and most connecting sidewalks to the Theatre from the north are complete, the perimeter fence will be relocated to allow easier access for students and audience.


A great deal of the interior structural and mechanical work is finished or nearing completion. Forrest indicated that all interior CMU work is complete; Waldinger noted that second level duct work will be finished by Christmas. Wall framing is almost done in the basement and has commenced on the second level. First level floor topping will commence today and take about three days to complete. Framing on the first level can therefore proceed soon after the topping is totally cured. Some remedial surface work on the basement slab has also been finished.

Forrest is proceeding with brick work on the east wall of the Art wing. The remainder of the brick work is on hold. The project team is working on solutions to a problem regarding the vertical alignment of the south and west walls being out of tolerance range.


Broeker has completed installation of additional steel framing at the rotunda. Allied is currently installing rotunda stud framing. Stud framing above the light monitor windows is complete and sill framing is in process.

Roof installation at the loading area is finished and has begun over the main gallery area. Given the prospect for good weather this week, this process should move ahead relatively quickly.

Roof drains have been set and storm drains are in progress.


The Recital hall slab on grade is complete and scaffolding now fills the entire space.

Cast stone installation is complete on all the Music rooms now, except for a few pieces which need to be replaced. Early, Ethno, and Rehearsal are ready for roof installation. This should proceed as soon as the Gallery is roofed.

The steel installation for the arcade has been completed and the slab should be poured in the near future. The slab on grade for the north section of the lobby has also been finished.


Theatre will begin to move in today! Mostly this process will involve emptying the trailer and storing boxes in a variety of spaces until they are totally finished. Nonetheless, there is some satisfaction to actually beginning the process of occupying these new and renovated spaces!!

The focus over the last few weeks has been primarily on the Scene Shop; it will serve as a preparation and staging area for preparing and moving into other areas. Except for the elevator and some finish work -- and the floor-- it is nearly finished. Our hope is that the floor will be installed and ready for use by 5 January.

Secoa was on site last week installing the tension grid panels, making it eminently easier to maneuver at that level! Sprinkler installation is almost finished. Plywood under layment on the walls is proceeding, as is black sound-proofing material at the highest level. Once the sprinkler piping is roughed in, installation of the finished wall panels will begin.

The dance studio walls are almost totally covered, except for the east wall which is shared by the lobby. We're awaiting details of the upper level windows along that wall. The lobby has been fire-proofed and the roof completed. Ceiling framing and roof drain installation in that area have begun.


Most of the work has been focused in the basement, the first area set for occupation. Painting is proceeding from south to north. Ceiling framing is almost complete throughout the basement. Glue on ceiling installation has begun as well.

The pocket door frame for the costume shop washing area has finally arrived, allowing the completion of that wall area.

In the auditorium area, Broeker has finished steel installation on the catwalks. Sprinkler piping and electrical conduit installation has begun.

Due to weather conditions, the decision was made not to pour the concrete for the west loading drive into Roberts. The loading dock will be made ready for use but the drive will remain gravel until the weather will allow finished concrete work to proceed.

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