17 November 1997


Apologies for the hiatus in Newsletters! Fall break and a variety of other projects and duties posed some obstacles in getting current building updates to you.

Generally, everything is moving ahead at great speed. Of course, as you may have noticed, a number of the trades are putting in extensive overtime on weekends and evenings, some of which was due to the rather unseasonal weather we've been encountering the past few weeks. As of this writing, we are still holding to our deadlines. The promise of warmer temps and sunshine in the coming week certainly is a welcome change!

A major issue for everyone right now is security. Someone found the wet concrete sidewalk north of the site irresistible and had to scrawl obscenities into it. Someone also spray painted one of the interior walls of the recital hall; no real damage, since its just the concrete block which will eventually be covered. However, clearly there is concern that such vandalism might be turned toward finished surfaces. Steps are being taken to more heavily secure the perimeter fence. We may have to look at periodically installing a security guard again.


Roofing materials were delivered on Friday, the 14th, and actual roof installation was to begin today. The storm drain piping was to be finished last week as well; the combination of these two factors will certainly keep things drier in the Art wing!

One critical area in this wing involves the installation of the stair units. Access from floor to floor has so far been troublesome, mostly limited to extension ladders. Delays here were largely due to concrete patching in the stair towers, anomalies caused during pouring. However, as of this morning, Broeker has begun installation of the steel stair frames in the west tower. Patching in the east tower should take about a week, after which time the steps can be installed there as well.

You will have noticed that scaffolding and loads of brick now surround the entire wing. Forrest is merely waiting for some additional prep work to proceed before brick installation can begin. In the meantime, masons are almost finished with interior concrete walls in the basement.

The remainder of the work going on in Art involves duct installation, quite extensive as you can imagine, given the amount of vent and exhaust units in this area. Some conduit rough-in is also taking place.


Light monitor stud framing and gypsum wall board sheathing is complete. Wood blocking is currently being installed. The remaining roof-level work involves parapet framing and some steel support pieces. It will be approximately two weeks before the final roofing can begin. Proctor is currently setting roof drains and storm drains will follow immediately.

Allied has completed as much wall framing in the basement as is possible. Most of the rooms are now apparent as the space begins to take shape.

One of the next major stages in this area involves the concrete columns. Septagon has been asked to provide a sample column prior to the next architects' visit in early December.


The focus of work in the Music Wing is on the Recital Hall interior. Prep for installation of the slab on grade is currently in progress. As of this morning, Septagon was relatively close to beginning the pours, probably to commence by mid-week. Total time for the seating riser concrete pour should be approximately one week. Septagon has brought is additional labor and is working overtime in an attempt to expedite this work. Once the slab is complete, scaffolding will be installed covering the entire space for purposes of fire- proofing and beginning of wall framing.

Work for the slab on grade for the entire lobby area will commence this week. The actual pour will likely take place within a couple of days. The steel for this area is finished, including the metal decking. The rotunda area is under review by the design team as there is a concern about some structural supports in that area.

Exterior brick for the entire Music wing is nearing completion.


Conduit rough-in for the Studio Theatre basement is complete, and the sprinkler system piping is close to finished. Believe it or not, everyone agreed the basement would be ready for PAINTING!!! beginning this week. Color, Inc. will move on site this week and begin prep for painting at the tension grid level as well.

Structural steel for the elevator is being installed and Schumacher Elevator was to begin installation today! Installation of the coiling doors for the shop should also begin this week. One of the biggest problems in the Studio as well as Roberts is getting large enough lifts into the space and being able to maneuver.

Most of the sheet rock has been installed in the shop and taping has begun. Heaters in several of these spaces has made work much easier and effective over the past couple of weeks. A good deal of sheet rocking is also apparent in the Studio, especially in the booth and upper level areas.

Framing is substantially complete in Dance. The lobby is looking quite finished, with windows installed along the east curtain wall as of Friday.


The basement is well along, with Color, Inc. looking to start painting sometime this week. The only room unfinished is the laundry room in the costume shop. Doors, Inc. has yet to provide necessary framing and materials for the pocket door for that room!!

As of this morning the catwalk steel was delivered and Broeker intends to begin installation immediately.


Everything that can be done at this time in the new toilet areas is complete. We're waiting on doors.

You may also have noticed Septagon beginning to pour sidewalks at the north side of the site. As many of these as possible will be installed before winter "really" sets in. Once the theatre areas are opened, these walks will provide easier - and cleaner - entrance to the building from the north, especially in the spring as the remainder of the building becomes open and wetness and mud prevail!

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