27 October 1997


IES will be installing a gas meter within the next couple of weeks. This installation will necessitate a shut down of gas (and heat) in the entire Fine Arts building for at least one day. CPMI will work with Facilities Management to minimize the impact on classes, etc. The most likely date for the shut down is either Friday, October 31 or Friday November 7. We will advise you of the exact date when it becomes available.

Sidewalk installation in the courtyard area between Roberts and Goodnow will begin in mid-November. They will extend just to the east of the Studio Theater.


The Art Wing structure/enclosure is nearly complete! The concrete block parapet and first floor south exterior walls were completed earlier this month. The east and west exterior wall block on first and second level were slated for completion on October 27. Storm piping installation is underway and should be finished late next week.

The Art wing basement ductwork was completed last week, and first floor ductwork is underway.

Broeker Erection has brought back the crane as of last week to start installation of brick angles. Delivery of the cast stone is anticipated this week. Installation of the cast stone and facing brick will begin immediately on the lower level.


Decking in the Gallery area continues. Septagon poured a portion of the remaining Gallery slab last week and projects the slab on grade work will be completed sometime this week.

Allied Construction has begun framing the Gallery parapet.


The Lobby grade beam installation is complete, and work on the column piers has begun. The steel structural support for this area is going up. Waldinger started installation of underground ductwork along the dance area and in the lobby area.

The brick work on the Music Wing is moving right along. The north and south radius walls of the Recital Hall are complete, and brickwork on the east and west walls is in progress, with completion projected within the next two weeks! Stone window sills have also been installed, and the windows will be in place soon. The face brick on the east radius wall of the Rehearsal Room and the east radius wall of Early Music is complete. Window installation in Early Music has also begun.

The slab on grade installation in the Recital Hall will begin as soon as weather permits and will require a series of three or more pours to complete.

Forrest and Associates anticipates completion of the overhead Recital Hall brick that will allow roofing of the Rehearsal room to begin November 5.

Broeker has completed decking the north/south corridor area between the Recital Hall and the Gallery.


Conduit rough-in in the Scene Shop basement is complete. Framing in the basement is complete and the dry wall is nearly done. The hydronic piping is also nearly complete, with chilled water piping and steam piping for humidification yet to be finished.

Fireproofing in the Scene Shop is complete and awaiting testing. Window installation is in progress in the north and south sides of the Scene Shop. Stud framing is complete, and conduit rough-in is progressing. Duct installation was started and should be substantially complete as of last Friday. Dry wall installation is also in progress.

The exterior brick work for the Scene Shop and dance areas is complete with the exception of the stone coping.

In the Studio Theatre stud framing is substantially completed. Conduit rough-in is in progress and will take another week or so to complete. Window installation is finished.


In the basement, stud framing is substantially complete. Plumbing rough-in, hydronic rough-in, and cable tray installation are 100% complete. Conduit rough-in continues and should be finished by the end of the week. Structural steel framing is also nearly complete. Dry wall installation is complete for walls, but remains to be started at ceilings.

In the Theatre, steel infill and decking is complete at the back of the stage area, the old Scene Shop area, and the mezzanine level.


Plumbing rough-in is complete. Ceiling framing is going forward to accommodate installation of a temporary ceiling.

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