13 October 1997


Last week's meeting was the monthly "Project Manager's Meeting," which is essentially the same as the weekly jobsite coordination meeting but involves a broader range of contractors, those currently on site as well as those still to come. In attendance were approximately 30 reps, including Michael Green and Darin Cook from CP&A. In addition to current status, plans for initiation of new aspects of the project are discussed. Zach generally distributes and discusses in some detail the updated calendar of project activities, beginning, duration, and planned completion dates.

This was Michael Green's last visit to Grinnell, at least in an official capacity with Cesar Pelli and Associates. Michael tells me that he and his wife plan to come through Grinnell in late October on their way to their new home in Vancouver. I told Michael that we expect them to stay over at least one night so we can perhaps plan some manner of reception/going away party! I'll keep everyone updated on how or if this will work out.

Apologies for the changes in dates for the meeting concerning funding for this project. You should have received notice of the planned change but, in case it missed you, we'll gather Tuesday, 28 October at 4:15 in ARH 329.


The Art wing concrete structure is now complete! The roof concrete block parapet is finished and ready for roof installation; this should begin sometime this week, depending on weather and how fast they get the dance studio roofed. Ductwork in the basement is in progress and perimeter concrete block walls at the first level are done. This latter aspect was completed more quickly than at other levels to allow Septagon to install topping over the first level concrete deck.

Most of the work in this wing will begin in the basement and move up; the intent is to schedule the work so no contractor will have to work on more than one level at a time.

Scaffolding installation on the exterior of the building has begun for exterior brick work. Most likely this process will proceed one bay at a time; that is, each bay will be completed to its full height before shifting to the next bay.

The schedule indicates the entire Art wing will be complete for the previously proposed mid-March 1998 substantial completion date. CPMI proposed the actual date be established as 13 March.


All the structural beams and columns for the Gallery area have been erected. Detailing of the structural steel is currently in progress. Metal decking has already begun and should be completed this week.

The current level of construction will not support completion of the Gallery area by the proposed mid-March substantial completion date. The College is requiring that the Gallery be complete and with exhibits installed no later than Commencement. While the basement area deadline will remain at 13 March, it was proposed that the main level of the Gallery be substantially complete by late-April. The exact date is to be determined, allowing adequate time for set up and installation of exhibits.


The major development in this area, aside from scheduling, involves the slab on grade in the Recital Hall. The original plan was to work through the fireproofing process before pouring the slab. However, Allied Construction would find it more advantageous to have scaffolding in place for the fireproofing process. Therefore, the slab on grade installation will be moved up, beginning sometime this week and taking approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Given the current status of construction, it is apparent that the Recital Hall will not be complete in time for the proposed mid-March substantial completion date. Right now we are looking at late April completion. We have required that Ethno, Early, and the Rehearsal room and the lobby area be substantially complete by 13 March; they must be ready for class use after Spring break.


Most of the work now proceeding in this area is internal so not very noticeable. Interior wall framing has started in several areas. Fireproofing is underway in the dance studio and should be finished in the next few days. Duct installation will follow, as will further wall framing and electrical conduit rough-in.

Concrete footings for the lobby are currently in progress; these should be complete in about two weeks. Slab on grade will follow, as will structural steel for the arcade.

Most of the work in the Studio Theatre right now involves conduit installation. Some minor modifications for substantial completion dates for this area have been allowed, mostly for installation of lighting and sound systems.


Not much to report. Wallboard installation continues in the basement. Excavation has begun in the loading dock area, with the new entry door already cut in. As with the other Theatre areas, some allowance has been made for later completion date for lighting and sound systems, closer to the end of January.


Plumbing rough-in in the toilet area is complete; duct installation is almost finished. Substantial completion for this area is also 15 December.

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