7 October 1997


With the completion of the deck on the Art wing and the slab for the dance studio we've finished all the major concrete work for the building. Grade beams and footings for the lobby still need to be done but the volume of concrete involved is much smaller than foundations and floors.

A number of people have asked whether the building will be totally enclosed by winter. The standard response is: it depends on when you think winter will start! At the current rate of exterior block and brick finish a good portion of the building will be completely enclosed relatively soon. The Theatre area exterior is finished; a good deal of Music is done; block is going up with fair speed in the Art wing; it'll be a couple of weeks before the Gallery and lobby areas are at a stage that they can be wrapped and protected from wind and snow. It won't be long before most of the work will be inside, making it increasingly difficult to monitor progress from casual outside observation!


Most of the activity in this wing involves concrete block installation and removal of forms and shoring. Roofing will begin ca. 13 October, or as soon as the roofing of the Recital Hall and Dance area is complete.

The stair tower and elevator shaft slabs on grade will go in as soon as possible. This will allow Broeker to be prepared to install the stairs in the near future, possibly a good rainy day activity.

As soon as more of the duct work is complete, installation of interior walls can commence. Door frames for the basement level should be available as early as today.


The two main areas of work at the Gallery involve the loading dock and roof. Anchor bolts for beams in the loading dock area should go in in the next couple of days. Forming has already taken place for the structural base in this area. Broker expects to begin metal decking over the Gallery by Friday of this week. Several days of detail steel work needs to be done before decking can begin. Roofing for the Gallery is scheduled for early November, although a lot of detail and associated work must be completed first.


Waldinger substantially completed duct rough-in in the Recital Hall last week. Likewise, Broeker completed framing for roof deck installation and Proctor finished off roof drains as of last Friday. Final roof membrane should be completed by today.

Fireproofing for Recital will commence on Friday of this week. Upon completion of this process, Septagon will be prepared to start slab on grade installation, probably ca. 27 October. We anticipate slab on grade work will take approx. two weeks.

Materials have been ordered for the interiors of Ethno, Early, and Rehearsal rooms but work there won't commence until framing and walls are complete in the Theatre rooms.

Face brick on the south face of Recital is complete and being washed down. The upper areas of all the rooms' faces are topped out.


As noted earlier, all the concrete slabs in Theatre and Dance are now complete. Excavation for grade beams along the lobby and arcade areas has begun. Lobby slab on grade and Arcade sidewalk will start immediately following.

As of today, the south wall of the Scene Shop and West wall of Dance are toped out. The roof membrane over the shop is done and work should commence over the Dance area shortly.

The trolley beam through the center of the shop was installed last week. Fireproofing in that area is proceeding, with plans to complete by 13 October. After that, wall framing, duct and electrical rough-in can continue.

Most of the focus in the Studio right now involves conduit installation -- hundreds of feet of it!! The process is complicated by the need to keep conduits from interfering with potential fly and mechanical space over the stage. Meisner has been extremely cooperative in working out placement and potential problems.


Basement level door frames are installed and some wallboard completed. Waldinger is substantially complete with duct rough-in in the basement. Large duct rough-in in Roberts is also almost finished.

Work on the Roberts loading dock should start near the end of the month.


Plumbing for the new toilets should be completed this week. To allow for future work in that area during renovation we may install a temporary ceiling. The contract documents call for a gypsum wallboard ceiling but access to the ceiling in that area will be needed during the renovation phase for the rest of the building.

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