29 September 1997


I reported on the progress of the Fine Arts project at the Trustees Buildings and Grounds Committee dinner on Thursday and can report that all went quite smoothly (Jon Chenette and Bobbie McKibbin also attended). Mark Godar, Dave Clay and I took Dick Booth on a brief tour of the site earlier in the afternoon and I'd say he was rather impressed with the progress and quality of work.

I failed to mention in the last edition of the Newsletter regarding the calendar and schedules that I have a master schedule which outlines projected time lines for virtually every aspect of each wing; e.g., it illustrates the duration of everything from hanging the doors to installing the woodwork to finishing the wallboard, etc. These are estimates, based on the experience of the contractors and the Project Director and so shouldn't be taken as etched in stone. A variety of factors, weather being a major variable, can affect this plan. Nonetheless, if anyone would like to look at these schedules please contact me. --jan


The final major deck pour took place on Thursday, 25 September - and all is well with the world! Already, edge forms have been stripped and Forrest & Assoc. will begin setting up and laying the concrete block parapet. The parapet installation will allow for the final roof membrane installation to commence ca. 10 October. It will take approximately three weeks to completely strip and remove framing and shoring materials from the roof deck pour.

The final lower level slab on grade was poured on Friday. Forrest will begin stocking that area with necessary materials for interior masonry work, much of which will be reserved for work on rainy days for the near future. All the related contractors will be meeting to coordinate the layout process in the basement area for installation of ductwork, wall framing and masonry walls.


Broeker has continued installing the steel frames for the light monitors. Some of this work will be delayed a bit until the shoring material from the Art wing is removed. Septagon has returned to loading dock concrete work.


Waldinger is currently installing Recital Hall duct work. As they move toward completion, Broeker has been able to begin fitting the metal roof decking which should be complete by Friday, 3 October. Vis Limited will be able to commence installation of the final roof membrane for the Recital Hall on Monday, 6 October, a procedure which should take 3-4 days. Allied Construction will be prepared to start fireproofing installation as soon as the roof membrane is installed. As soon as Waldinger finishes duct rough-in, Proctor Mechanical will start storm drain piping.

The slab on grade was poured in Ethno, Early and Rehearsal rooms last Wednesday. Face brick installation at the north side of the Recital Hall is complete. Forrest is now finishing the face brick at the northwest face of the Rehearsal room.

Septagon will start the north lobby grade beam installation on Wednesday, 1 October, a process which will take about five days. Fairly soon after we will begin seeing structural steel for the lobby area emerging.


Septagon is currently working on sub walls, ramps and slab on grade at the northern portion of the dance area. The ramp adjacent to the existing fine arts wing also has been poured. The west wall of the dance studio has been blocked in and face brick in the courtyard and on the south wall of the shop is nearly complete. Vis Ltd. is finishing up the installation of the roof membrane on the scene shop. Fireproofing in the scene shop is scheduled to commence Wednesday, 1 October.

Duct rough in in the Studio Theatre is complete as is the wall framing. Most of the work in the shop and Studio area right now will focus on electrical and conduit installation.


Door frames have finally found their way here and have been installed in the basement rooms, thus allowing electrical rough-in to continue. Gypsum wall board installation has already begun and some of those rooms are beginning to take shape.

Probably the most recognizable change in Roberts Theatre is the new duct system. At their largest these measure ca. 6' in diameter, telescoping down to 4'-6". They run along the ceiling at the top of the side walls, north to south.


Allied is nearly complete with wall framing in the toilet rooms -- what used to be 106. Plumbing and duct rough-in in those rooms is nearly complete, anticipated finish being sometime this week.

Sometime when you're out and about, especially over near Burling, take a look at the brick work on the Studio Theatre and Music wings from a bit of a distance! If you walk around the south side of Burling you can get a good look at the different brick textures being used on the Music walls.

In case no one noticed, with the completion of the last major deck pour, the big crane is now gone!

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