Probably the most significant news of the last couple of weeks was the decision to wait on moving the Art studios to the new space until after the end of the semester. Significant progress is being made in those areas but we could not absolutely guarantee the studios would be totally ready for class use by 30 March and the re-start of classes after break. The three Music classrooms -- Ethno, Early, and Rehearsal, will be ready for move-in during break. Although not definitely decided, in all likelihood the Fine Arts office and the Music faculty office will remain in the building until the end of the semester.


Another point of great relief will be the soon-to-be-completed sidewalk addition across the West Roberts drive. We were hoping they might also get the ramp poured at the same time. But even just having the new sidewalk will greatly improve traffic access along the east side of Park St.


We are almost into the realm of punch lists in the Theatre scene shop and Roberts basement. This process involves "fine points," details, finish work that still needs attention. I say "almost" since there remain several more major bits to be completed.

Erik Sanning's office is, at long last, complete -- with a window and door! Erik should be moving in in a few days.

The dust collection system is causing some up-roar (pun intended!). Waldinger is working on the final connection links from the feed ducts to the equipment. But it's the unit itself which causes a problem. Noise! It sounds something akin to a 747 taking off!! Trying to conduct class and describe or explain tool use while that machine is on is virtually impossible. Simple communication is now a matter of shouting and hand signals. Alternative locations are being examined.

The remedial topping slab in Flanagan is done and wood floor installation will follow soon. The latest version of the blue wall panels has been accepted and the old pieces removed. No delivery date as yet for the final panels. Handrails are up at grid level and a few additional conduits for catwalk level lights have been completed. Except for pulling wires and getting the systems up and running, Flanagan is nearly finished.

Allied installed the Dance Studio ceiling grid two weeks ago. Light fixtures and diffusers are in place. The ramp door has been installed. All that's needed in there now is the floor and some mirrors and this room is likewise almost complete.


Most of the interior masonry in the Music lobby area is finished, as far out as the base slab floor is done. Fireproofing is finished throughout that area and the installation of the ceiling grid has commenced. Light fixture, sprinkler, and duct rough-in have all started in the lobby.

In the Recital Hall, installation of the light bar steel is complete. Likewise, all ceiling sheet rock is done and taping is almost finished. Work on the acoustical installation is in progress.

Ethno, Early, and Rehearsal have been the scene of hectic activity the last few weeks. All are completely rocked now, windows are being framed, duct work is complete, door frames installed, ceiling frames are done, etc. These three rooms are almost ready for painting and flooring installation. Progress here has been quite substantial.


One of the most noticeable areas of progress involves the entry to the Gallery. This has been framed and partially rocked, making the entry way and the relationship to the lobby take significant shape.

The basement areas are almost ready for painting and we anticipate being able to move in to those support areas in a short time, perhaps in two weeks or so.


As of today, the scaffolding began to come down along the West face. Significant progress has also been made along the south exteriors. The west and center bays should be almost topped out. Wall board installation is progressing from basement to second floor. The hallways have been completely rocked; taping is also progressing well, with those trades working through the first floor and up to the second.

A sample of the remedial wall finish has appeared in the east stair tower and appears acceptable.

Even though we won't be moving into these spaces over Spring break, the Art studios should be fairly near finished by late March/early April.


Most of the work has centered on Roberts stage and overhead steel. Broeker's people have been working extensive overtime to get the new catwalk configuration installed, focusing especially on the areas over the stage so the floor work can continue. The remedial topping slab was poured ca. a week ago and should be cured enough now for installation of the final surface. The floor will be ready for Dance Troupe use on 5 March. The entire room must be completed by mid-April for the Dance Troupe concert!

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