22 September 1997

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Fine Arts Building Newsletter!!

The practice of sending out a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter of building progress and activities began with Jim Swartz and Val McKee for the Science building project. Given that I am stopped fairly frequently by faculty and staff and asked various questions concerning our building and its progress, it struck me that such a newsletter would be equally appropriate for the denizens of Fine Arts. My aim essentially is to summarize the proceedings of our weekly job site coordination meetings, coupled with my own observations. I will most likely stop leaving copies of the jobsite meetings in the FA office. If you still wish to receive the full text of the jobsite meetings, please let me know. Expect the newsletter to appear early each week. If you don't wish to receive this newsletter, please notify Helyn Wohlwend and she will remove you from our distribution list. Similarly, let Helyn know if there's someone who should be receiving it that we've missed. Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the FA Newsletter, or concerning the building. Of course, you should also contact your department representative on the Fine Arts Building Committee. The members of that committee are: Tim Chasson, Tony Crowley, Kay Jenkins, Jon Chenette, Paul Nelson, Pip Gordon, Erik Sanning, Berneil Mueller.

General Comments

I don't have the time or space to try to review all that has been accomplished over the past year or so!! The comments and developments included below reflect the current situation and anticipated progress. If you have questions concerning the status of any of our spaces, please feel free to contact me.

Construction continues to progress at a good pace. You might have noticed that some contractors increasingly are coming in on weekends, so we're catching up in a few areas and perhaps even moving a little ahead here and there. The "substantial completion" dates still hold:

Theatre -- 15 December

Art and Music -- 15 March

Gallery and Recital Hall -- early/mid April

There may be some minor variations in this schedule but no substantial change is anticipated. Renovation of the Fine Arts wing is scheduled to begin on 1 April. Total completion of the project is still set for December, 1998.

Art Wing

The focus in this area in recent weeks has been framing and prep for the final major pour, the deck topping out that wing. The east stair tower was poured on the 17th. Forming and shoring for the deck was completed the following day. Steel installation should be done sometime today (although given the rain it may be put off), and the electricians are in the process of roughing in conduits. The pour is scheduled to take place between the 24th and 26th, depending on how the weather holds. This pour will not take place at night!!

Fairly soon, Forrest will begin preparing the site for concrete block construction at the lower level. Some careful excavation of that area will be required to allow enough room for scaffolding and materials at the base while keeping vehicle access available along the south edge of the site. This south elevation will begin to change quite rapidly in the next few weeks.

The remaining basement slab on grade will also be poured between 24 and 26 September.

Gallery Wing

The basement is quite far along and taking shape, with air handling and other mechanical units in place and wall framing begun.

Above ground, most of the steel structure for the Gallery is in place. As of today, work had begun installing the curved steel framing for the light monitors. Once those frames are in place, Broeker will begin installing the metal deck from the north side, progressing to the south. Loading dock concrete work should be complete by 30 September, after which time all the structural steel for the Gallery can be set. Work for the loading dock ramp will take approximately another three weeks to complete.

Music Wing

By the end of the day last Wednesday (the 17th) metal decking for the Ethno, Early, and Rehearsal rooms was complete. The floors of these rooms have been leveled and wire mesh is in place for slab on grade, anticipated again for sometime between 24 & 26 September.

The most noticeable work involves face brick and the Recital Hall. You will notice brick appearing on several exterior surfaces, especially the south and east surfaces. The face brick on the north side of the Recital Hall is complete and work is beginning on the north Rehearsal hall wall.

The tentative schedule for the Recital Hall work is as follows: duct installation from 15 September to 3 October; metal deck installation from 6 to 10 October; roofing from 13-17 October; fireproofing from 20-31 October; slab on grade installation should begin approximately on 1 November. As of this morning, a good chunk of duct work was already completed in the Recital Hall!

Theatre Wing

Face brick on the Studio Theatre is topped out and complete as of the end of last week.

Work has begun in the courtyard and dance areas, the mud slab in the courtyard being poured last Wednesday. This week should see the re-start of the face brick on the south shop wall, as well as further block and brick work proceeding on the west dance studio wall. The east wall will remain open to allow passage of equipment moving supplies in and out of the area. Preparation will continue, however, in the dance studio interior so work can progress as soon as possible after the west wall is completed.

Roofing of the scene shop should take place this week (again, the weather will play a major role in the timing of these projects!). The trolley beam for the shop should be installed early this week and fireproofing will proceed as soon as the roofing is done. Window installation at the north wall of the scene shop is expected to start no later than today.

Fireproofing is complete in the Studio theatre. Most of the stud wall framing and the duct rough-in is likewise finished. Meisner Electric has a major job achieving substantial completion of conduits and wiring for the systems in the Studio! There is a massive amount of wiring to be run for lighting and sound circuits, as well as other electrical systems in that room. Installation of plywood paneling should begin in the very near future, as will drywall on the basement walls.

Roberts Theatre

Roberts floor is no more! The wood topping, 2 x 4 nailers, and grout mix have all been removed down to the cast in place concrete deck.

Waldinger has started main level duct rough-in, the full process anticipated to take approx. three weeks.

The basement is the area where the most substantial change has occurred. Stud framing is complete in most of the basement so the various rooms are at least outlined and the new space configuration apparent. The new corridor access has been cut around the east end of the "tunnel" leading to what will eventually be the new toilet/shower areas and the "old" corridor leading to the steps up to the stage. The decision has been made to eliminate the existing two toilets; one will become an additional janitor's closet while the other will simply become additional storage space.

Fine Arts Wing

What used to be 106 looks very different. The floor infill was completed on the 16th so the entire floor in now at the same level. A good deal of the plumbing for the new public space toilets is in place as are some of the wall studs and framing. The temporary wall was partially removed allowing much needed wider access to the music practice rooms!


Just a reminder that the cut sheets for some of the proposed office and classroom furnishings are in the Fine Arts Building tray on the counter in the office. Please take some time to look these over and refer your comments to your committee rep. All the committee members received copies of proposals for public space furniture. Take a look at that material as well. We'll be looking for comments and final decisions in the near future.

Also please remember the meeting on next Monday, the 29th, regarding fund raising and development for the building. ARH 329 at 4:15.

* * * * * * * * *

The architects will again visit the site on 6-8 October. Sadly, this will be Michael Green's final visit as our architect for Cesar Pelli and Associates. Darin Cook will now be our project architect.


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