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Department Credit Card Purchases

original January 16, 2007 2:15 PM - - updated: Monday, January 7, 2008 2:06 PM

I need to inform you that due to some problems with my College VISA card Accounting has issued me a new card and do not want me to distribute the account number.

Please see suggested purchasing options below.

1) For Phone Purchases when you call a vendor to make an order: (This would be for items purchased from Weiss Music, Boulder Early Music, and other related businesses). For several purchases we have been able to place our order with the vendor and then ask the vendor to call me 641 269 3069 (OR GIVE ME THE PHONE NUMBER AND HAVE ME CALL THEM) with the billing information. This has been successful for many purchases. If the vendor will not do this or if you are making a purchase that requires a card, please see #2.

2) For Purchases that require a credit card to complete the order: (This would include orders on the web such as to Amazon or other web based companies that require a credit card to complete the order). Please forward me the URL and part/model # of the item you wish to purchase. I will then place the order and use the "department card" to complete your purchase.

3) If you are in a big rush or find something while out-of-town or whatever: Please order using your personal card and turn in the receipts to me ASAP for reimbursement. Generally, we can get a reimbursement check out to you within 7 days of the time you drop off the receipts with your check request.

Sorry for any inconvenience on this but the problems we were having could not continue under the old method. For the most part, the above options should work for most, if not all of our purchases. Thank you for your understanding.

Please remember that a Credit Card Purchase is like a Cash Purchase. The transaction is complete and the obligation for payment is immediate upon conclusion of the sale. Thus, credit card receipts/invoices are due in my mailbox as soon as you receive them.