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 Here is a very old picture of my great grandfather and great grandmother's wedding in Sioux City, Iowa in 1884. Rev. and Mrs. G.C. Rumsch. It is an old brown-tone photo.


From the Minneapolis Journal, Sunday, August 26, 1934, text of artical appears below or open the article below by selecting it.

Minister of 52 Years Will Fete Golden Wedding Today

Roosevelt Sends Congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. G.C. Rumsch

Minneapolis Journal, Sunday, August 26, 1934

Rev. G. C. Rumsch, who tow years ago marked his fiftieth anniversary as a minister of the gospel with never a vacation and never a stop because of illness, will celebrate his golden wedding anniversary today with Mrs. Rumsch in their home, 4500 Wentworth Avenue. And a personal message of congratulation from President Franklin Roosevelt, sent to the couple several days ago, will make the affair a memorable one for them.

The President's message read: "My Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rumsch: I have just learned that on August 26 you will celebrate your golden wedding anniversary. I am very happy to join your friends in extending hearty congratulations to you on that occasion, and my best wishes for your future welfare and happiness."

In President Roosevelt's own hand, the characteristic signature follows - a signature which Mr. and Mrs. Rumsch will keep as one of their most prized possessions.

Began Ministry at Yankton

Well known in many communities of the northwest as a pastor of the Lutheran church, Mr. Rumsch began his ministry at Yankton, SD. two years before his marriage in 1884 at Sioux City, Iowa. In 1886 he assumed a new pastorate at Claremont, Minn. where he remained until 1909 serving congregations at Owatonna and Dodge Center in addition to his church at Claremont. His next pastorate was in South St. Paul, until he resigned in 1917 and made his home in Minneapolis. But he did not discontinue serving the church.

As a hospital pastor Mr. Rumsch visited patients at most of the Twin City hospitals, bringing them comfort and cheer, and serving a congregation at Stubbu Bay in his spare time.

Nine Children to Attend

In 1932 the congregation of Trinity Lutheran church, Nineteenth Street and Thirteenth Avenue South honored him on his fiftieth anniversary in the ministry although he was not the pastor of that church. A special evening service was conducted in his honor.

Nine children of the couple are expected to be present today for a family dinner in celebration of the golden weeding.

They are Rev. W.C. Rumsch of Lewisville, Minn; A. Rumsch [my grandfather], Sioux City, Iowa; G.J. Rumsch, Minneapolis; Mrs. J. Freche, New Kensington, PA; Mrs. Gerado Moreno, Chicago; Mrs. W.F. Bluemell, Seattle; J. Charles Rumsey, San Diego, California and Theresa Rumsch, Seattle, Washington.

Mr. Rumsch declared yesterday that much credit for his long career of service in the ministry must go to his wife, who has been a "true and faithful helpmeet."





The spelling of the place where grandmother Rumsch was born is JOHANGEORGENSTADT. Translated, it is simply John George Town. A few years ago we visited the town - and the Lutheran Church - where Marie Henrietta was baptized. We enjoyed coffee and kuchen with the pastor and his wife. And, Kyle, your dad is correct about his German ancestry. My father and mother both had their roots in Germany. Another interesting bit of information is that my wife, Dorothy, also has her roots in Germany on both sides. Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Dorothy.



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Gustav Rumsch came from Rinkendorf in Sorau county in Prussia. This is an address book for Sorau county in 1928 listing 11 Rumsch's, their occuptions and addresses. I will have to check my notes to see if any are directly related.

Ruth Rumsch middle panel and funeral ca 1912 - this is a very large picture

Wilbur Rumsch circa 1930

Bernice and Florence Rumsch circa 1931


Back of left photo

Eileen Rumsch circa 1927

Albert and Lydia Rumsch

Florence Bernice Eileen

Harriet on lap

Albert and Lydia Rumsch

Florence Bernice Eileen

Harriet on lap














Florench Rumsch confirmation circa 1930


Back of photo above... may have been developed later




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