The above photo appeared on the Des Moines Register Website in the "Life In Grinnell" magazine segment that originally appeared in the Des Moines Register on Thursday, June 28, 2001. The caption in the printed edition read: "Family Harmony: Municipal Band members Merna and Paul Nelson, both wearing dark glasses, play with daughters from left, Shaina, Maureen, Kristel and Revae."

Originally the plan was to have a picture of the entire band but because of a storm the night of the concert, the band was never able to get together before the article was scheduled to run. The band leaders went with the next best thing - get one of the big band families to pose so we did. The article was written by Juli Probasco-Sowers and the picture was taken by Alex Dorgan-Ross. The original article was at but was no longer on the server when checked in 2005.

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