I found this article very interesting, agree 100+% and laughed pretty hard (still laughing) at the following statement in the article: "School officials are fed up. They say they would welcome a healthy political debate, but don't think Dorr plays fair. They complain that he twists data and intimidates people in his campaigns." Talk about the pot calling the kettle BLACK! Wow! I think the school officials have finally met their match in this Mr. Dorr and I pray he keeps it up!

I remember a "bond issue" or something a few years back now in which the officials claimed that our property taxes would only go up a little bit. I ran the figures and it came to about $60.00. OK, somewhat fathomable but they (these "School officials ...[who] complain that he twists data and intimidates people in his campaigns") did all THEIR dirty work BEFORE the assessor from NEW YORK STATE showed up to redo the Jasper County Iowa property evaluations. My tax went up $350.00 alone on that little ditty.

Back in the 70's (give or take a decade), I remember how one town after another had their junior high school or Senior High school buildings condemned, especially for structural reasons. (It was really an intentional lack of maintenance). Many of these old buildings ended up being refurbished community centers or serving some other public purpose.

GO MR. DORR! I say, pass this article on to everyone you know so they know they have the services of someone who can help them muster through bond issues and know what sort of questions to ask! (Don't get me wrong, some are necessary and helpful but it is sort of like welfare... a little bit is good but we have an awful lot of what is now not-such-a-good thing).

-The Editor

Wednesday, January 26, 2005