Bloedow... just like Play Dough but with a "B"


SINCE 1924


 WCCO Dec 1, 2005: "Krispy Kreme has taken its products off store shelves less than two years of trying to gain a foothold in the area. Locally owned Bloedow Bakery now has the Winona doughnut market cornered."

 Daily News

 Daily News Dec 1, 2005: "Less than two years after entering the Winona market, the international doughnut colossus Krispy Kreme has pulled its products from store shelves, ceding the territory to locally owned Bloedow Bakery."
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) March 3, 2012: – Last week we brought you the best coffee shop in Minnesota, so this week we’re complimenting that with donuts. .. This week we sought your vote for the best donut shop in Minnesota. We had a lot of votes on this topic, but the winning shop’s total more than doubled the second place finisher. ....The winner brought us to Bloedow’s Bakery in Winona. Check out the video for the story.


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