Music Department policies governing outside requests (Non-Music Department or Public Events Committee) for Recording using Department facilities Including Sebring-Lewis Hall:



Sebring-Lewis Policy

Music Department Student Workers







 General Department Recording Policy:


The music department does not regularly engage in recording or soliciting recording by outside interests on a normal basis. However, there are occasions when we make exceptions when such an endeavor might be in the best interest of both the department and the outside party. This may include other departments at the college or off campus individuals but all would have some sort of relation with the college. All requests must be sponsored by a Music Department Staff member and/or be approved by the chairman of the Music Department.

If the recording is to take place in Sebring-Lewis Hall, all concerns of the Sebring-Lewis Hall Policy including availability of the hall must be met. There are then additional concerns regarding the recording. We, the Music Department, have student recording technicians and operators that are capable of recording and/or operating the equipment and can do the work on an "as available" basis. If there is a desire to have a professional recording engineer, the person desiring the engineer will need to make all necessary arrangements with the engineer including schedule and compensation and are solely responsible for carrying that out. If an outside engineer is obtained, you will still need to have a music department staff member or student assistant in attendance at the session.

There is no guarantee as to availability of students, however, your chances of having someone available increases with the amount of advance notice that is given to use the facility. A minimum of two weeks notice is requested. Please contact Paul Nelson 641 269 3069 regarding recordings in the hall.





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 General Hourly Rates*

 for Recording/Use of Sebring-Lewis Hall

(minimum charge - 2 hours):


(Basic recording - more advanced recording will increase the amount of time needed for setup)

1 (one) student operator - $15.00 per hour

2 (two) student operators - $22.50 per hour

Staff (one) operator $35.00 per hour

 Mix down work is extra:


1 (one) student operator - $10.00 per hour

2 (two) student operators - $18.00 per hour

Staff (one) operator $35.00 per hour



Media costs as of September 2004: $6/DAT tape - $2/Cassette or CD


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*RATES - Updated 01 October 2004