MusicTech/FARecMgr Page

as of Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - 10:20 AM

Communications: Fine Arts Recorder Manager (FARecMgr) \ Music Tech (MusicTech) \ Both (MTFARM)

PRIORITY  DATE      WHAT  (* means it is repeating)
0         30-Aug-16 Z:  Check and Clean 104A House Managers Station - pull sign up sheets from programs 
                      and use again.
2         1-Sep-16  *MOLLY: DEPARTMENT BUDGET
2         1-Sep-16  Z:  Regularly check the Video (Blu-Ray) Hard Drive in 105 and dice up and burn copies 
                      of concerts so we can clear the deck.
4         30-Aug-16 Z:  Check the Weather Radio in 105 (monthly)
5         4-Sep-16  Z:  make sure there is at least one music stand in each practice room downstairs
6         5-Sep-16  Z:  Restock DVDs - CDs - Forms - cases\cd sleeves in 105
6         5-Sep-16  Z: Clean up 109 - Do dishes (might not be many but check and clean)
6         5-Sep-16  Z:  Save Two programs from past concerts and recycle remaining in 104A (House Manager 
6         5-Sep-16  Z:  transfer DV tapes to DVDs
7         6-Sep-16  Z: Clean up anything in 105 (DVDs and CDs etc) flying all over the place.  Listen 

                      to them and let's see what we can do.  Clean up BCA 105 recording room weekly.

7         6-Sep-16  ZZ: It would be cool if we could just have a cheat sheet in the recording room about 
                      what patches have to be in for any kind of [PA] set up in the system. 
7         6-Sep-16  ZZ: phase2 Check Instructions for JVC Blu-Ray Disc & HDD recorder for clarity  on 
                      making DVD
7         6-Sep-16  ZZ: Write up Emergency Procedures - House / Recorder / Stage positions. What to do 
                      if someone does not show up!!!!
9         8-Sep-16  ZZ: Assist Ivy/Joyce in Office with Mailings AS NEEDED
9         8-Sep-16  ZZ: CHECK OUT FOR CLARITY  FINISH INSTRUCTIONS: Mackie Mic Mixer unit in 102.  k #3576 
                      ---- Make: MACKIE model: 402-VLZ3  serial#: 0025510AVDK1599
9         8-Sep-16  ZZ:  help with DVD recording manual 
9         8-Sep-16  Z: Piano benches stools need tightening and WD 40 treatment
20        19-Sep-16 Z: also Every practice room should have at least 1 music stand
20        19-Sep-16 ZZ: Check Air in Tires - Office dolly/both Music carts/harp cart (Bucksbaum)/art red 
20        19-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: go through DV and DAT tapes in Paul's Office check against logs and make 
                      available reuseable tapes
20        19-Sep-16 CJ LEADERSHIP:  in charge of keeping things neat - 102A 104A 105 104D 109A (dishes)backstage 
                      109 104B
21        20-Sep-16 CJ SKILLS: soldering - general
21        20-Sep-16 CJ SKILLS: soldering - circuit board
21        20-Sep-16 CJ SKILLS: Taping - using electrical tape
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: inventory instruments
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: label collegium instruments
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: cello case 617 needs replacing
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: violin cases needing replacing (D2 or D4 or somewhere there maybe... check 
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: Other cases needing attention
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: Move James things and other things in cardboard boxes to new totes.
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: make CD copies of WEEKEND CONCERTS (every Monday)
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: HDARC a/b #### put in order == also check for flaws (DVD copies of recording 
22        21-Sep-16 CJ TASKS: CD/DVD archive from chips/DV/HDD  put in order == also check for flaws
CJ TASKS: Set Up other Kurzweil in 105 with pedal, power supply, instrument cable 
- and maybe find better parking for it.

CJ HELP PAUL: develop new checkout procedures?!? for instruments

CJ HELP PAUL: keep me on task? my mess is usually an organized mess... help me to 
keep organized but cut down on the mess. Challenge me at times to make sure there is 
a good reason to keep something... sometimes I just need to bounce things off someon
CJ HELP PAUL: Look at 
-- go to Student Employment -- We should discuss something similar for music.

CJ CHECKOUT?: Sign: Unless you have made other arrangements - lockers will be cleaned 
out and emptied during commencement weekend.