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Key checkouts are now done by Paul Nelson. There is NO DEPOSIT for keys checked out, however, SEE THE NEW RULES AND FINE SCHEDULE. There are limited lockers available for music students for some instruments. There is no charge for use of a music department locker however personal locks will be forcibly removed so please stop by to pick up a lock. For a key or lock please stop by the Instrument Storage Room during OPEN HOURS to check out a key, padlock and/or locker. If you have any problems or questions, please call 3069 or see Paul Nelson, in room 109B Fine Arts. Please call before coming to visit.

Key and Lock Check-outs - Please see schedule

Check Outs will be in Room 52 in the basement of the Original Fine Arts Building. (DIRECTIONS)

There is NO DEPOSIT, however see the new RULES AND FINE SCHEDULE.

Hours: See Schedule.

My office is located in FA 109B. Please call 3069 before coming to visit.



It is a privilege to be issued a key/lock to music department lockers and facilities. PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE THIS KEY/LOCK NOR ABUSE YOUR PRIVILEGES TO USE THE FACILITIES. To help maintain YOUR SAFETY and the safety of yours and the college's equipment and facilities, it is your responsibility to SAFE-GUARD THIS KEY (Lock) AT ALL TIMES. The key/lock remains the property of the Grinnell College Music Department and should be returned to the department when you are requested to do so. Failure to return the key/lock will result in a FINE plus loss of the key/lock deposit and could result in the loss of the privilege to borrow a key/lock in the future.

Most keys and some locks require an instructors permission before a key/lock can be handed out. Generally, students' names are on a list to receive keys. If you are not on the list, you will need to secure permission from the instructor before being issued a key.

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