Guest Performing Artists and Speakers

You need to fill out two forms before you can be paid.


Please do the following:


  • Select and print the Federal W-9 and the State Registry forms in pdf format at right.
  • Fill out the forms and Sign the W-9 Form.
  • FAX BOTH forms to the Grinnell College Accounting office at 641 269 4297. (secure line)

    or mail to: Grinnell College

    Accounting, Room 0110
    733 Broad Street
    Grinnell, IA 50112-1690
    Telephone (641)269-4500
    Fax (641)269-4297



 Federal W-9**


Iowa Employee Registry

ACH Automatic Payment Form


ALSO: The Accounting Office is starting to implement the ACH Automatic payment system directly to your Savings or Checking Account. Please fill out the ACH Automatic Payment Form at this time to facilitate getting your check sooner.


** Please Note: The W-9 form can be filled out on the computer and then printed with all of the updated information.




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