Grinnell House Rules


HOURS (Check-In / Check-Out):

Staff is there from 7-5pm daily. The door is locked at 10:30pm.

Check in is no earlier than 3pm.

Check out is no later than 12 noon. This gives the staff time to clean the rooms.

There are no check-ins accepted for Sundays because staff do not work that day.

Late arrivals can use the outside call box (directions posted) to call Security who will let them in. Keys are on the vestibule table in envelopes with guest's names.



Breakfast is continental; if you wish to join your guest, you will be charged but you should also make a reservation ahead of time. Cooked-to-order breakfasts are also available, again, with a reservation.



Grinnell House Dining will be happy to serve them, but they would like a call to the catering office -3665- (not Grinnell House) at least by 4 pm on the day before. They are not always able to schedule breakfasts but they will try.

They always set up continental breakfast for only their over-night guests in the dining room. If they know that you would like a faculty/staff member to join someone they will set up a place, apart from the other breakfast guests, so you are able visit over breakfast. They can also cook hot breakfast for your guests if you would like. They will book this in a different room from the continental breakfast.

You will need to provide the account number as always and the time your guests would like to eat.

Any other questions - call Fonda

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:53:37