Grinnell College Policy For Enterprise Rent-a-Car


Questions and Answers

Q. Why did the College change their airport transportation policy for employees? A. The College and Enterprise Rent A Car are working together to provide efficient, low cost transportation for one-way airport trips for College employees. Our former system of providing drivers and cars to transport College staff persons was more expensive, difficult, and time consuming to manage, especially when flights were cancelled or delayed, and posed a greater transportation liability for the College.

Q. Who can use this service? A. This service is for College employees to use for one-way airport trips. The College has made a commitment to provide a vehicle and driver to transport guests (speakers, consultants, some job applicants), to and from campus. Guests to campus can use this service if departments consider this appropriate. If a guest to campus is to use this service, the arrangements with Enterprise will need to be made by College personnel. All who drive Enterprise rental cars must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid drivers license. If you are asked to make regular reservations for specific persons, forward Enterprise in Grinnell the following information for each driver: full name; home/work address; drivers license number and expiration date; and driver's birth date. This information will help to expedite the reservation process. The Grinnell Enterprise office FAX number is 236-3039.

Q. How do I make a reservation with Enterprise Rent A Car? A. There are links on Facilities Management's website for a one-way rental or roundtrip rental. This is Enterprise's preferred method since the office is not manned all the time, but they need a 2-hour window for reservations booked online. The first window, after selecting either business or personal, will ask for location. If this trip is originating out of Grinnell, enter Grinnell, Iowa. Enterprise will know the vehicle needs to be delivered to the Security office on campus. Personal rentals should be picked up at the Wes Finch Auto Plaza. If this is a one-way trip to Grinnell from the airport, enter the airport location and proceed from there. If you don't have a 2-hour window or need to make your reservation by phone for another reason, you may call the Enterprise office in Grinnell at 236-3025. You must provide date of trip, time of departure, specify size of car (our College carpool cars are in the "intermediate" size category, larger cars will cost more money), and you must provide theaccount number to which the trip will be charged. Enterprise will NOT make a vehicle reservation unless an account number is provided. Indicate the direction of the one-way trip--either to or from the Des Moines or Cedar Rapids airport. Enterprise can make arrangements for transportation in both directions with one phone call if you know those details. It is a good idea to double-check these transportation arrangements with Enterprise, particularly if these arrangements are made well ahead of time. Always ask for the reservation confirmation number for ease of future reference, and keep good records of reservation requests and cancellations to clarify later or future billing questions.

Q. What if I need the rental car before or after office hours or on the weekend? A. The Enterprise office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday, closed Saturdays and Sundays. They must deliver vehicles on Friday for a Saturday, Sunday or early Monday departure time. There will be a $10 early pick up fee.

Q. Can I make an Enterprise vehicle reservation online? A. Yes. In fact there are links on Facilities Management's website for your convenience - see above. Remember an account number is required to make a reservation.

Q. Where do I pick up my Enterprise vehicle? A. For trips TO the airport, Enterprise vehicles must be picked up at Security at 1432 East Street. Pick up the keys and sign the appropriate paperwork at the Security office. Drop the Enterprise vehicle off at the Enterprise Rent A Car return lot at the airport. Follow the arrows to this lot once you enter the main gate. Now that there is an Enterprise office in Grinnell, cars for personal use will need to be picked up and returned to the Wes Finch Auto Plaza. For trips to campus FROM the airport, pick up the Enterprise vehicle from the Enterprise office in the Des Moines or Cedar Rapids airport terminal. Follow their instructions at the desk to pick the vehicle up. Take the vehicle and keys to Security on campus. You can pick up a car at the Des Moines or Cedar Rapids airport after the Enterprise desk is closed. Ask Enterprise how this can work if necessary.

Q. Can I pick up my car on Saturday if it has already been delivered for my early Monday morning trip? A. No. For insurance purposes, the Enterprise cars need to remain in the Security parking lot until you are ready to leave and it must be returned to Security immediately upon your return.

Q. Do I need to fuel up an Enterprise vehicle before I return it? A. No, it is not necessary to refuel the Enterprise vehicle, but the college will be charged for fuel. All Enterprise Rent A Car vehicles provided for these one-way airport trips will have at least ¼ tank of gas. This will be adequate to get to or from Grinnell.

Q. Is there a delivery charge? A. The rental car will be delivered to Security, and there will not be a delivery fee for cars delivered for Grinnell College business. However, all personal rentals are to be picked up at the Wes Finch Auto Plaza on the south side of Grinnell.

Q. Could there potentially be more additional charges? A. Yes. Cars picked up at the airport have an additional airport charge. Enterprise has been charging this additional fee for quite some time. There can also be a refueling charge and another reason could be that you chose the optional collision insurance. Grinnell College business trips are covered under the College insurance and therefore the optional insurance is not necessary.

Q. Can I use Enterprise for personal trips? A. Yes. You can choose either business or personal in the first window. You will be charged the same rate as the college when using the online reservation form, however, you will be need to pick it up at Wes Finch Auto Plaza. CORPORATE RATE PROGRAM FOR GRINNELL COLLEGE ONE WAY Economy (Metro, Accent or similar) $28.00 Intermediate (Cavalier, Focus or similar) $32.50 Standard Size (Malibu, Grand Am or similar) $34.50 Full Size (Impala, Grand Prix or similar) $39.50 Premium Size (Camry, Maxima or similar) $46.50 ROUND TRIP Economy (Metro, Accent or similar) $33 per day/$174 per week-unlimited miles Intermediate (Cavalier, Focus or similar) $37 per day/$194 per week - unlimited miles Standard Size (Malibu, Grand Am or similar) $39 per day/$205 per week-unlimited miles Ful Size (Impala, Grand Prix or similar) $44 per day/$232 per week-unlimited miles Premium Size (Camry, Maxima or similar) $51 per day/$267 per week-unlimited miles Minivan (Windstar, Caravan or similar) $71 per day (200 mi)/$372 per week (1400 mi) SUV (Explorer, Jeep Cherokee or similar) $71 per day (200 mi)/$372 per week (1400 mi) Luxury (Cadillac, Lincoln or similar) $74 per day (200 mi)/$387 per week (1400 mi) PickUp Truck (Silverado, Ram, F150 or similar) $54 per day (200 mi)/$287 per week (1400 mi) If you encounter any problems making an Enterprise rental reservation or other difficulties, please contact Dixie at or by telephone at ext. 3300. Grinnell College Home Page Facilities Management Home Page.


Created: Thursday, September 24, 2009 - Updated: Thursday, September 24, 2009 2:30 PM