Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 07:31:24 -0500 (CDT)

Subject: Instructions for allocating student time worked to correct labor account (department/manager/pay rate)


Please see the instructions below for allocating student hours worked to the correct labor account. Please share this information with students who work in your area.

It is critical to have an accurate labor account as this determines which departments are charged for the student wages and the rate students are paid.

A student's home labor account is the department/manager/rate all hours that are not transferred to another area will default to if the student does not transfer their hours elsewhere. The home labor account can be viewed by placing the cursor over the name at the top of the timesheet. This can be changed as a student changes jobs. [ IF YOU PUNCH A TIME CLOCK OR SLIDE YOUR P-CARD IN A SLOT - THAT IS YOUR HOME DEPARTMENT. ANY MANUAL ENTRY NEEDS TO BE TRANSFERED TO THE DEPARTMENT FOR WHICH THAT ENTRY IS MADE.]

Hours worked outside of the assigned home area must be transferred to the appropriate labor account in the transfer column.

When the cursor is placed in the transfer column, a drop down box will appear with a search function. The student must select he department number and a manager(position code) number. Managers should provide this information to the student.

We have found students are selecting the department but not the correct manager.

The third component of the labor account is the student pay rate. Students cannot select this rate. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MANAGER TO SELECT THE CORRECT RATE WHEN APPROVING TIMECARDS.

If you find a student has incorrectly entered the labor account and does not have the correct department/manager codes selected please make these corrections or contact the student to make the corrections. All students should be notified of errors they make so the same errors can be avoided in the future. The payroll department can also assist in this process.

We have a document available to all students and managers with detailed instructions related to this process. Contact the payroll department if you would like this documentation sent to you.


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