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 Date: March 29, 2004

To: Student Employees

From: Jim Mulholland, Controller

Nancy Combs, Director of Accounting

Re: Enterprise eTIME

Beginning with this pay period, March 25, we will begin reporting hours worked at the College through Enterprise eTIME (a web based time keeping system). The electronic timesheet will replace the paper timesheet used to report hours worked. Students will use the hourly view method of time keeping.

The hourly view method requires the student to enter his/her start and end work time on his/her electronic timesheet similar to the current reporting method on the paper timesheet. The electronic timesheet should be kept current daily to ensure accurate reporting of time worked. Hours are rounded automatically to the quarter hour by the system so please enter time worked without rounding. Student employees need to login to the following website to enter hours worked in the electronic timesheet:


Depending on the computer used to view the electronic timesheet you may be prompted to install a Java Plug-In on the computer. The Java Plug-In must be installed before Enterprise eTIME will function on the computer. You should have access to your electronic timecard from most computers connected to the College's NT Server. The electronic timesheet works best when viewed on a PC compatible computer versus a Mac. Your NT Server username and password are used to gain access to your electronic timesheet. The electronic timesheet displaying the current pay period will appear after the login process is complete. All employees of the College are assigned to a department for pay purposes; however, students may work in multiple departments. To determine the department you are assigned to, place the cursor on your name at the top of the timesheet. A yellow box will appear below it and list your name and home labor account by number and name.

If you are working in your home department, the hours worked do not need to be transferred because they will be reported as worked in the home department. Enter the beginning and ending time in hours on the date in which they are worked in the In and Out columns. You must use an a for A.M. and p for P.M. depending on the time your work period begins and ends (i.e., 11a (In), 1230p (Out)). (OR ENTER YOUR TIME IN 24 HOUR MODE). An orange line will appear at the top of the electronic timesheet which indicates that a change has been made to your hours worked in the body of the timesheet. You must save your entries by clicking your cursor on the Save button at the top of the timesheet. The orange line will disappear once the information has been saved.

If the information does not appear in the body of the timesheet, you should refresh your timesheet by clicking your cursor on the Action button and then clicking the Refresh button that appears. You should log off Enterprise eTIME once you have entered and saved the data. The Log Off button is located left of the timesheet underneath the web address.

Each row contains two separate periods in which time can be entered in a single day. If you work three or more periods in one day additional rows must be added. A row can be added by clicking on the arrow next to the date in which you worked. The row will appear directly beneath the row in which data has already been entered. The new row should have the same date as the row above. Once you have entered your start and end period in the new row save your data. At the bottom of the timesheet there is a button labeled Totals and Schedule. Hours worked are totaled into departments beneath this button.

Hours worked outside of your home department must be transferred to the appropriate department at the time they are entered on the electronic timesheet.

To transfer hours, you should enter the hours worked in the appropriate columns and click the cursor on the transfer column between the In and Out columns. A drop down box will appear. Click the cursor on the drop down box and a Search function will appear. Click the cursor on Search. A window will appear that contains a search feature and department names and numbers. Find the appropriate department in the box under Search Results and click your cursor on the department. The department will be highlighted and the department name and number will appear in the Labor Account boxes. Click the cursor on OK. The account number will appear in the Transfer column. Save your data at this time. The new account with the hours worked will appear under the Totals and Schedules tab. This account will remain in the drop down box for use in future transfers. Each time a new search is completed the account is added to the drop down box for easy access for future transfers.

Within two days after the end of each pay period (24th of each month) you must approve your timesheet by clicking the cursor on the Approvals button at the top of your timesheet. A menu will appear. Click the cursor on Approve. Once your timesheet is approved it cannot be modified unless you remove the approval. Your supervisor must also approve your timesheet. Once your supervisor has approved the timesheet it cannot be modified.

You can look back at previous pay periods by changing the pay period at the top of the timesheet. Employees who use both a time clock and the electronic timesheets for recording hours worked will see both entries appear in the body of the timesheet. Electronic timesheet entries can be edited by the user and supervisor. Time clock entries are system generated and can only be edited by the supervisor.

If you are not permitted access to Enterprise eTIME because the system does not recognize your username or password you may not have been given access to the electronic timesheet. If this occurs, please notify Barb York, Payroll Manager, at ext. 4500 or at email address york@grinnell.edu. OR Elaina Machin, Payroll Technician, ext 3580 or at e-mail machinel@grinnell.edu.


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