Singers 2012 Spring Tour


Alternative Departures from Houston

Planning Document

Grinnell Singers Tour, Spring 2012

Prep. Rev Darragh

Modified Feb. 10, 2012

NOTE: ALL students must notify Tour Coordinators of their travel plans, including departure times/ flight numbers.  This applies especially to those with alternative plans.

March 24, 2012, Saturday

Overnight at Magnolia Hotel, Houston TX

Magnolia Hotel

1100 Texas Avenue

Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: (713) 221-0011

Important Times:

~8:00 a.m.            Suggested departure time for  Grinnell Singers bus, destination Grinnell.

10:00 a.m.             Check-out deadline of hotel (probably)

Three Possible Travel Alternatives:

  • Public transit:

    There are two public transit options: Bus 102 to IAH Airport, and Bus 88 to Hobby.  Both buses depart from downtown METRO station at Main St. and St. Joseph Pkwy.  Fares on both buses cost $1.25 (local bus fare).  Both buses have ~2 departures per hour.  Consult with hotel concierge on evening prior to departure, as schedules may change at end of February.

    Bus 102 takes approximately 1 h 15 m.  Drops off at Terminal C baggage claim. 

    Bus 88 takes approximately 46 m. 

    NOTE: METRO central is close to hotel – 1.3 mi.  Consult attached driving directions.

    For reference: Schedule for Bus 102 to Bush IAH Airport:

  • Super Shuttle

    The preferred airport connection service of our hotel.  Each van can take up to 10 people.

    Cost to IAH is roughly $23 per person, plus $1 fuel surcharge. 

    Cost to Hobby is roughly $19 per person, plus $1 fuel surcharge.

    See website for more details:


    NOTE: If you are interested in this option, please let Tour Coordinators know.  If enough people want to use this service, we could get a group rate.

  • Pick-up or any other alternative plans
        • Pickup by car from hotel
        • Taxi to train/bus service

For people considering other options, consult .


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