Grinnell Singers 2008

Eastern Motel Tour

March 15-20, 2008

The following is a non-inclusive list of "bare necessities" for your upcoming choral tour to the Upper Midwest. Everything SHOULD fit into ONE SUITCASE!: (Keep in mind this is a 7 day tour with limited baggage space). .



Formal Concert Dress** Prescription Medicines needed for 8 days
If you need COUGH DROPS/Etc. You will need to purchase these on your own at a drug store. Insurance Information for emergencies


 ****Extra Money for meals?? -- figure at least $5 each.

****Your meals are being provided at the rate listed below. You may wish to bring along extra money to make up the difference. Here is the breakdown:





Saturday Mar 15

Bucksbaum Brunch

Merit School Pizza


Sunday Mar 16

Motel Deluxe

your own


Monday Mar 17

Motel HOT

your own


Tuesday Mar 18

Motel HOT

your own


Wednesday Mar 19

Motel HOT

your own


 Thursday Mar 20

Motel Continental

 your own



EXTRAS: (You may wish to bring these along)

 Camera?  swim suit ?? (not sure if hotel has pool)


Money for Meals you will be responsible for.

GRINNELL SINGERS stationary (and envelope) for Thank You Notes. We will provide you with the names and addresses as necessary. (You must provide your own stamps). --- no stationary 2008.... but will leave this here for future.

** Formal Concert Dress is your standard concert dress consisting of a black tuxedo, black tails or a black suit; a white shirt and bow tie for the men and a "longish" black decent/presentable dress or gown for the women; please, no strapless gowns. Some white is acceptable. (Please use a garment bag for your formal attire).


Optional Check-Off List:

  Travel games/cards   address book/stamps
  Extra money for souvenirs   writing/study materials
  rain gear? - (nothing extravagant)   soap/shampoo
  traveler checks/cash   tooth brush/paste/floss
  extra suitcase key   comb/brush
  undergarments   bath robe (for homes)

Eastern Motel Tour 2008 (March 15-20)

this is old.... needs updating to 2008

Saturday, March 15

Chicago, IL

Merit School of Music

2:30 PM

Monday, March 17

Philadelphia, PA

 Cardinal Dougherty High School

7:30 PM

Tuesday, March 18

Brooklyn, NY

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

7:30 PM

Wednesday, March 19

Albany, NY

1st Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany

7:30 PM

ALSO: Phone numbers where we may be reached for EMERGENCIES:

You can reach us at 641-990-2630 during the trip.

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