Farmer is a game where the player can grow a variety of crops to earn rewards. To really do well in the game, it will be important to use the data to understand the optimum amount of water and fertilizer. In addition, droughts, pest infestations, and changing market prices can make it even more difficult to win.


The following link allows you to play the Farmer Game (please select the Farmer tab).


You may be asked to install Unity Web Player, this may take a few minutes.

Many browsers will require you to allow popups before they will run these stat2labs games.


Data visualizations that allow you to view all data are at Farmer Data Visualizations


Examples of graphs and data to discuss with students are not quite complete, but you can see possible graphs and questions Here.


All data from the game is available at Farmer Data.





Thanks to Grinnell students Grace Tsui, Henry Firestone, and Zhaoqing Wu for creating, editing and maintaining the on-line game.