Shonda Kuiper

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Grinnell College


Spring 2012 Courses

MAT115, Introduction to Statistics: All material is posted using Blackboard

MAT310, Statistical Methods, using the text Practicing Statistics. All material is posted using Blackboard

National Science Foundation Grants

Playing Games with a Purpose: A project to develop, implement, and evaluate interactive Web-based games and corresponding investigative laboratory modules (labs) to effectively teach statistical thinking and the process of scientific inquiry to undergraduate students. Each game-based lab presents a research question in the context of a case study and encourages students to follow a complete process of statistical analysis. These materials consist of one- or two-day activities designed for introductory college courses as well as more complex projects geared toward upper level undergraduate courses.

Stat2Labs: Interdisciplinary labs that are designed to be used in a second statitistical methods course.

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Older Courses

Introduction to Statistics MAT115

Applied Statistics MAT209

Probability and Statistics II MAT336


Ph.D. in statistics, Iowa State University
M.S. in statistics, Iowa State University
B.A. in mathematics, Wartburg College

Positions held:
Associate Professor, Grinnell College, 2010 - present

Assistant Professor, Grinnell College, 2003 - 2010
Courses: Introductory Statistics, Statistical Methods, Design of Experiments, and calculus based Probability and Statistics.

Assistant Professor, Wartburg College, 9/01 – 9/03
Courses: Calculus I, Statistical Methods, and calculus based Probability and Statistics.

Senior Engineer, Hallmark Cards 1998-2001
Provide leadership and overall strategy to ensure all operational divisions consistently deliver cost-effective, high quality products to Hallmark consumers. This includes
• Developing and implementing an innovative process control system throughout all manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada
• Revising acceptance sampling procedures for distribution facilities in the United States and Asia. This resulted in an $80,000 per year savings to Hallmark while maintaining current quality standards
• Supervising statistical testing procedures for new machinery, materials, and processes
• Quality Systems Consulting activities for numerous Hallmark subsidiaries
• Creating a software interface package to predict seasonal Hallmark sales
• Coaching many engineers in statistical techniques, quality systems and data analysis.

Engineer II/Consulting Statistician, Hallmark Cards, 1997-1998