The First Treaty of Novgorod [ca. 1264-65]

With Tver' Grand Prince Iaroslav Iaroslavich [1230-71]



Blessings from the Archbishop [of Novgorod], and greetings from the [Novgorod] mayor Mikhail, and from the millenarius Kondrat, and from all the [Novgorod] hundred-men, and from the elders, and from all Novgorod to Prince Iaroslav.

1. To that which your father Iaroslav kissed the cross [i.e., swore], you too are to kiss the cross.

2. Hold Novgorod according to custom, as your father held it.

3. You, prince, are not to violate the treaties [negotiated between Novgorod and its princes].

4. And you are not to deprive a man of his land without [just] cause.

5. And without the mayor you, prince, are not to give out any lands, nor issue any documents [concerning land transactions].

6. And you, prince, are not to hold the Novgorod lands by your men, but hold them with Novgorod men. And take a gift from those lands [to do with as you please].

7. And these are the Novgorod lands [in which you are not to interfere]: Volok with all its districts, and you are to keep an overseer on one half, and a Novgorodian on one half of all the Volok lands. And in Torzhok, prince, you are to keep an overseer on your own part, and a Novgorodian on its [Novgorod's] own part.

8. And Gorodets', prince, [Prince] Dmitrii gave together with Novgorodians to Ivanko, and you, prince, are not to take it back.

9. And these are [also] Novgorod lands: Bezhiche [Bezhetsk], Gorodets, M[ele]chia, Shipino, Egna, Vologda, Zavolots'e [the district beyond Volok], Koloperem, Tre, Perem' [Perm'], Iugra, Pechera. And you are to rule those districts with Novgorodian men; and take a gift from those [lands].

10. And you may kill wild boars no closer than 60 versts [= 39.6 miles] from the city.

11. And indentured servants, prince, you are not to accept [into your household], nor [ought] your princess nor your boyars [accept indentured servants].

12. Neither you, nor your princess, nor your boyars, nor your servitors are to hold any villages throughout the Novgorod lands; nor are you to establish any [new] settlements throughout the Novgorod lands.

13. And you are not to rule Novgorod from the Suzdal' land, nor give out any lands.

14. And you, prince, may travel to Ozvad in summer to go hunting.

But to Rusa you are not to go; you may go [hunting] in Rusa [only] every third winter.

15. And to Ladoga, prince, you may go [hunting] every third summer.

16. And your sturgeon master is to travel in Ladoga according [to the regulations of] the treaty of your father.

17. And your judges are to travel throughout the [Novgorod] lands in summer, beginning on St. Peter's Day [29 June].

18. And those fields which your brother took from Novgorod, you, prince, are to release [back to Novgorod]; what was property of Novgorodians [belongs] to Novgorodians, and what belonged to the prince, then that is the prince's [property].

19. And you, prince, are not entitled to remove [anyone from Novgorodian land to your own estates] in all the Novgorod lands.

20. And your servitors, prince, are to travel [through the Novgorod lands collecting the prince's income] as of old, as happened from the very first.

21. And from a Novgorodian and from a Novotorzhok citizen for the customs tax take two vekshas from [each] cart and from [each] box of hops.

22. And do not send your man beyond Volok, [but rather] send a Novgorodian [on any such mission].

23. Kiss the cross to everything [specified above] in love, without any dissimulation, in justice, in the presence of our emissaries.