What does Grinnell's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa do during a typical academic year?

Our chapter of Phi Beta Kappa acts to promote "scholarship and friendship among students and graduates of American colleges" (from the Constitution, Phi Beta Kappa Handbook, p. 6) primarily through the following annual activities.

We hold or host five main events,

1) A fall meeting of all members, usually in early December -- minutes, fall 2001 (pdf)

2) A spring meeting of all members, usually in March -- minutes, spring 2002 (pdf)

3) A Phi Beta Kappa Scholars' Convocation, usually in late April, at which a National Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar (or other special guest scholar) speaks -- This year's speaker = TBD

4) A banquet in honor of new members and the Visiting Scholar, held the night following the Scholars Convocation

5) A membership initiation ceremony and reception, on commencement weekend

and we carry out three competitions / elections,

1) The (Neal Klausner) Sophomore Book Awards, which are cash prizes (currently $100 per student) given to a maximum of four second-year students who achieved the highest GPAs in their first year. (fall)

2) The (Joseph Wall) Phi Beta Kappa Scholar's Award, which is a cash prize and (recognition on a plaque at Burling Library and on the commencement program) given usually given to one student who completes an outstanding scholarly work at Grinnell. (The chapter's executive committee and other members review student entries and judge this competition.) (spring)

Scholar's Award Entrry Form, 2003 competition (pdf)

3) Election of new members from each year's graduating class, along with election of a few members of the junior class. Membership requires high relative GPA and specified levels of depth and breadth of study across and within Grinnell's academic divisions. (spring)

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