Pioneer Capital Investments
at Grinnell College

Founded in November of 2000 as the Student Endowment Investment Group, Pioneer Capital Investments (PCI) strives to educate students about financial markets. PCI was established through a $100,000 grant by the college’s endowment and has been student run since its inception. The group attempts to meet the benchmark performance of the larger endowment year over year. The group also maintains a virtual portfolio of $1,000,000 in order to demonstrate and test various investment strategies.

PCI consists of a diverse collection of students. Members include students of all graduating classes and majors, both domestic and international students, and students of varying levels of expertise in the financial markets. With this distinct blend of students, the group is able to analyze multiple viewpoints before making a decision regarding the portfolio.

The key purpose of PCI is to educate students. We do this by bringing in guest speakers such as professors, alumni, and other people from around the community who have experience in finance, accounting, investment management and mathematics. The senior group members give weekly presentations to the group in order to inform students of various aspects in the financial markets. The presentations promote both learning and discussion among the group members.



PCI alumni have gone on to join a variety of organizations in the financial services industry among others.

Contact Us

To contact one of our members, please refer to the Members section of our website. For general inquiries, email us at invest@grinnell.edu.

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