Grinnell College created the Minority Scholars-in-Residence Program in 1986 to bring scholars to the Grinnell College campus who could enrich our academic programs by providing greater diversity of experience and perspective within the faculty and in the curriculum.

The Minority Scholars-in-Residence Program sponsors Native American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and African American scholars with U.S. citizenship who can come to campus to teach a minimum of a two- to three-week short course; longer stays are also considered. In addition to teaching, scholars present at least one campus-wide talk on a topic of their choosing and participate in extracurricular activities with both students and faculty.

Over the years we have had both senior and junior scholars as visitors as well as Ph.D. candidates (ABDs). Although a number of the courses that have been offered have dealt with issues of race and ethnicity, restrictions do not exist on the subject matter of the short courses proposed by visitors.

We consider proposals for the next academic year, but also for one to two years into the future. Proposals should include the c.v. of the prospective visiting scholar and a description of the short course or semester long course(s) he or she would like to teach.


Helen Scott
Associate Dean of the College and
Chair of the Minority Scholars-in-Residence Program
Grinnell College
1121 Park Street
Grinnell, Iowa 50112

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