Sergei Esenin

Biographical Timeline

1885 - Born in Konstantinovo, Ryazan, on October 3.

1889 - Sent to live with his maternal grandparents.

1894 - Began writing poetry at age 9.

1909 - Finished primary school. Sent to seminary boarding school in Spas-Klepki to

become a teacher. There he fell in love with singing and church services.

1913 - March, moves to Moscow to pursue poetry.

1914 - Married Anna Izryadnova, who described Esenin as "arrogant, proud, ambitious,

and possessive."

1915 - January, Anna gave birth to a son. Esenin soon after abandoned his family and

moved to Petrograd, the literary capital.

March, met Aleksandr Blok, who called Esenin a "naturally gifted peasant poet."

1916 - February, Radunitsa published.

1917 - Russian Revolution.

Married Zinaida Raikh.

1918 - The Infant Jesus, Transfiguration, Rural Brevary, published.

March, moved to Moscow.

May, Zinaida gave birth to a daughter.

1919 - Took control of a bookstore, publishing concern, and literary café.

Formed the Imaginist literary movement.

Applied to join the Communist Party, but was denied since he was considered

"too individual and alien to any and all discipline."

1920 - Treriadnitsa, and Triptich published.

Zinaida gave birth to a son.

1921 - Hooligan’s Confession, Pugachyov published.

November, met Isadora Duncan, an American dancer.

1922 - May 2, married Isadora.

May 10, began tour of Europe and America.

June, suffered nervous breakdown in Berlin.

October, arrived in New York.

Struggled with drinking,. Mental and physical health declined.

Admitted to a mental hospital

1923 - August, returned to Moscow.

October, relationship with Isadora over, although marriage not officially dissolved.

Married Galina Benislavskaya.

Verse of a Creator of Scandals published.

1924 - Moscow of the Taverns published.

Traveled to Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Lenin died.

1925 - Song of the Great Campaign, Soviet Rus, Land of the Soviets published.

Traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan and wrote "Persian Motifs" and "Anna Snegina."

June, sold rights to collections to the State Publishing House.

Married Sofia Tolstaya.

November, entered a clinic as a result of persecution mania and hallucinations.

December 21, left clinic, resumed drinking, and went to Leningrad.

December 27, wrote "Goodbye, my friend, goodbye."

December 28, hung himself in the Hotel d’Angletre


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