Soundtracks and Scores: Music in American Cinema

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Course Schedule

*** Class will meet at 8:15 until further notice ***

Week Nine

Part Two. The Soundtrack. Popular Music and Film.

Tues. 26 Reading.   Twenty Four Frames Under . Chap. 2 (pages 213 - 231) and Film Music. Chap. 8

Thurs. 28, Popular Music and Film . "Case Study Two. The Big Chill."

Film The Big Chill

Week Ten


Tues. 2, Reading. Soundtrack Available . "Sounding the Heart:   Cultural Politics and Contemporary American Film." Pages 202 - 221

(Class will meet in room 243)

Film. Tender Mercies

Film Project. Please bring your film excerpts (5 - 7 minutes) to class. The film excerpt must be on VHS, cued with start and stop times.

Thurs. 4,   Music in the Films of Quentin Tarantino Reading Chap. 10

Film Jackie Brown

Write a 2 -3 page summary on one of the readings and films.

Summary is due in class Nov. 9

Week Eleven

Tues. 9,   Discussion of Citation and Annotated Bibliography Assignments

Present and submit your annotated bibliography.

Thurs. 11,   Rap, Hip hop and Film.

Film Do the Right Thing

Writing Assignment No. 4 is due. (2 - 4 pages)

Week Twelve

Tues. 16,   Film 8 Mile

Thurs. 18,   Meet in the Keyboard Lab (room 64) to work on film scoring project. Bring your audio recording(s).

Popular music and film paper 3-5 pages.

Week Thirteen

Tues. 23,   Presentations. Final paper topic is due.

Citation assignment is due.

Writing Assignment No. 5 is due.

Thurs. 25, Thanksgiving

Week Fourteen

Tues. 30, Oral presentations


Thurs. 2, Oral presentations and presentations of film projects

Tues.    7,   Writing Conference. Bring rough draft of final paper.

Thurs.   9, Writing Conference. Bring rough draft of final paper

Portfolio of all writing assignments, including final paper (4 - 6 pages), is Dec. 14.