Kagungan Dalem Gamelan
Acquired during the Reign of Sultan Hamengku Buwana X
Type: common practice
Tuning: sléndro (Sangumukti); pélog (Sangumulya)

The two most recent additions to the palace’s collection of gamelans are the modern common practice sets of Kyahi Sangumukti (Abundant Comfort) and Kyahi Sangumulya (Abundant Glory). They were constructed in 1998 by a gamelan craftsman in Surakarta, Pak Jumati. Newly forged bronze takes several years of use and a number of retunings before it stabilizes. Because these sets are so new at this time they have been placed in a public location where they are performed upon almost every day. After a few years of maturing, when any flawed keys and gongs have failed and been replaced and when the sets receive a tuning that they will hold for a considerable length of time, only then will these sets be addressed with the honorific “Kangjeng Kyahi” as are the rest of the palace gamelans. Until then they will be referred to by the less exalted honorific “Kyahi.” These sets are currently used for performances presented for the hundreds of tourists who visit the palace daily. Groups from outside the palace present these performances, not the official palace musicians (abdidalem niyaga). When an occasion arises for the palace musicians to perform outside of the palace and for a pair of gamelans to be transported to a distant performance site, it will be this pair of “apprentice” gamelans that will be utilized.

Kyahi Sangumukti and Kyahi Sangumulya are identical in their appearance. They are a dark brown with gold highlight set off against a dark red background. The main carving motif is vegetation, although on a number of the instruments the royal emblem of the Hamengku Buwana lineage is prominently displayed.