Kagungan Dalem Gamelan
Acquired during the Reign of Sultan Hamengku Buwana V
Type: common practice, pre-modern
Tuning: sléndro

During the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, K.K. Pusparana (Flower Battle) had a specific, high-profile use during two of the three yearly garebeg celebrations. For garebegs Puasa and Besar, K.K. Pusparana would be carried along with the palace guard unit known as prajurit Langenastra. Palace musicians would perform a specific piece (gendhing) as this set was carried in these colorful processions sponsored by the Sultan. Outside of these contexts, this gamelan was used to accompany dance and dance theatre in the palace along with the gamelan pélog K.K. Puspanadi (which is no longer in the possession of the palace). K.K. Pusparana was no longer being used in these capacities during the reign of the Ninth Sultan. The set probably remained in storage for the better part of fifty years until the late 1980s when a member of the royal family began using it at his residence. K.K. Pusparana remains the only common practice gamelan in the palace which has yet to be modernized (i.e., it retains its original mid-Nineteenth Century instrumentation).

K.K. Pusparana is one of the most visually striking sets in the possession of the palace. Painted a dark red with the customary gold trim, the surfaces of this set are filled with vividly rendered plant tendrils and a striking yeksa figure framed by mirong. The vegetation and yeksa are brought to life with a mixture of secondary colors: white, blue, green, gold, black, and light red.