Kagungan Dalem Gamelan
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Acquired during the Reign of Sultan Hamengku Buwana V
Type: common practice
Tuning: pélog

K.K. Panji (Flag) was acquired, probably commissioned, during the reign of the Fifth Sultan. It is unique among the gamelans currently in the palace in that all of the gongs that are original to it have faceted surfaces that the Javanese call blimbingan, or starfruit (blimbing) like. We have only seen one other gamelan in Yogyakarta with this type of patterning on its gongs. It is a gamelan pélog that is currently owned by the government radio station and that very well might have originally been a palace set by the name of K.K. Puspanadi (Flower River), which was also acquired by the Fifth Sultan.

During the reign of the Sixth Sultan, K.K. Panji came to be paired with the gamelan sléndro K.K. Harjanegara and used for entertainments to mark the Sultan’s weton (the coincidence of days in the 5- and 7-day Javanese weeks on which a person is born; this coincidence recurs every thirty-five days), for entertainments celebrating life-cycle ceremonies of the Sultan’s children other than the crown prince, to welcome guests, and to accompany dance theatre (ringgit tiyang or wayang wong) rehearsals and performances. During the reign of the Eighth Sultan K.K. Harjanegara was modernized and paired up with a different palace gamelan pélog, K.K. Tumenggung. K.K. Panji probably went into storage at that time. It was modernized in 1996, but how it will be reintegrated into palace life remains to be seen. At this time it is not paired with any gamelan sléndro, and until it is its contexts of use will be limited.

K.K. Panji is painted a dark green with gold highlight. Some gold highlight is set off against a background of dark red. Open spaces on the instrument casings are bordered with a flame pattern. On a few instruments are found three tendrils with stylized blossoms, probably of the lotus, at their ends.