Kagungan Dalem Gamelan
Acquired during the Reign of Sultan Hamengku Buwana I
Type: archaic--kodhok ngorèk
Tuning: special 3-tone scale

This archaic gamelan kodhok ngorèk does not possess a personal name like the rest of the palace sets. Although currently housed and displayed in the palace, it has been for much of its history located at the residence, called Kadipaten, of the crown prince (hadipatih). It therefore has never been integrated into the ceremonial and daily life of the palace.

The gamelan has uniquely shaped casings for its single-row gong chime (bonang) instruments. They appear to be ready-made for carrying in procession. Some of the gongs—in particular the two gong ageng--and cases currently included with this set are clearly not original to it. It is unfortunate that this set has not been utilized for a very long time and that some original parts have been lost.

The set is painted dark red and there is little or no carving on the casings that are original to it.