Music 261
European Traditions, 1550-1800





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Readings etc.: Abbreviations
G = Grout and Palisca, A History of Western Music, 5th ed.
W & T = Weiss and Taruskin, Music in the Western World: A History in Documents
[Most of these readings will be found in the course packet; a few are on reserve.]
NAWM = The Norton Anthology of Western Music, Vol. 1
CD 2; CD 3 etc. = The Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music, Vol. 1 [On reserve
at Burling Listening Room]
Note: Other recordings are listed individually and are also on reserve at Burling Listening
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F/Aug. 25
Intro. to Music 261; intro. to late Renaissance and early Baroque music

M/Aug. 28
The Italian Madrigal: Contexts of Performance
Read: W & T #25: Music in Castiglione's Courtier [PACKET] and G 193-94

W/Aug. 30
The Italian Madrigal after 1550
Read: W & T #39: Gesualdo, Nobleman Musician [PACKET] and G 196-99 & 202-3 (Gesualdo section only)
Gesualdo, "Io parto e non più dissi"
[CD 2, #51 = NAWM 40]

F/Sept. 1
The Monteverdi-Artusi Controversy
Read: G 203 (bottom)- 205; W & T #45: The "Second Practice" [PACKET]
Monteverdi, "Cruda Amarilli"
[CD 2, #54 = NAWM 41]

M/Sept. 4
*The concerto delle donne at Ferrara
Read: G 201 ("Women's vocal ensembles")- 203 and Newcomb, "Courtesans, Muses, or Musicians?" in Women Making Music, pp. 90-101 only [PACKET]
Luzzaschi, "T'amo mia vita"
Luzzaschi, "Non sa che sia dolore"
[CD L976se The Secret Music of Luzzasco Luzzaschi #3 & #10]

W/Sept. 5 Analysis assignment (Gesualdo/Monteverdi) due
Chord-Playing Instruments and Basso Continuo: The Florentine Intermedi of 1589
Read: G 273 ("The Basso Continuo")-277
"Dalle più alte sfere"
[CD 3, #33 = NAWM 53]
Cavalieri, "O che nuovo miracolo" [SCORE ON RESERVE]

F/Sept. 8
*Female Musicians at Court
Read: Carter, "Finding a Voice: Vittoria Archilei and the Florentine 'New Music'" in Feminism and Renaissance Studies [PACKET]

M/Sept. 11
Giulio Caccini's "New Music": How new was it?
Read: G 281 and W & T #44: The Birth of a "New Music" [PACKET]
G. Caccini, "Perfidissimo volto"
[CD 3, #35 = NAWM 54]
G. Caccini, "Amor ch'attendi" [SCORE IN PACKET]

W/Sept. 13 Group reading reports
Presentation and discussion of the ideas presented in:
1. Howard Mayer Brown, "The geography of Florentine monody: Caccini at home and abroad," Early Music 9 (1981): 147-68.
2. Tim Carter, "On the composition and performance of Caccini's Le nuove musiche (1602)," Early Music 12 (1984): 208-17.

F/Sept. 15 [Last day to select your own research topic/question]
English Secular Music, c1600
Read: G 214-218
Weelkes, "O Care, thou wilt despatch me"
[CD 3, #1 = NAWM 44]
J. Dowland, "Flow, my tears"
[CD 3, #5 = NAWM 45]

M/Sept. 18
Counter-Reformation Sacred Music: Palestrina
Read: G 249-56
Listen: Palestrina, Pope Marcellus Mass
Credo & Agnus Dei
[CD 3, #14 = NAWM 49]

W/Sept. 20 Listening Quiz 1
Ceremonial Music at St. Mark's, Venice, c1600
Read: G 299 (bottom)- 301.
G. Gabrieli, "In ecclesis"
[CD 4, #17 = NAWM 61]

F/Sept. 22
Early Baroque Church Music
Read: G 302-308
Grandi, "O quam tu pulchra es"
[CD 4, #24 = NAWM 63]
Schütz, "Saul, was verfolgst du mich"
[CD 4, #29 = NAWM 65]

M/Sept. 25
*Music in Italian Convents: Part 1
Read: Monson, "Disembodied Voices: Music in the Nunneries of Bologna in the
Midst of the Counter-Reformation," in The Crannied Wall: Women, Religion, and
the Arts in Early Modern Europe

W/Sept. 27
*Music in Italian Convents: Part 2
Read: Kendrick, "The Traditions of Milanese Convent Music and the Sacred Dialogues of Chiara Margarita Cozzolani," in The Crannied Wall [PACKET]
Cozzolani, "Confitebor tibi Domine"
[CD C8397s I Vespri Natalizi #6]

F/Sept. 29
Early Baroque Opera
Read: G 278-88
Listen: Monteverdi, Orfeo excerpts:

  1. Prologue: "Dal mio Permesso"

  2. Act II: "Vi ricorda"

  3. Act II: "Tu se' morta" & "Ahi caso acerbo"
    [CD 3, #42 = NAWM 56; CD M76oJa L'Orfeo also on reserve]

M/Oct. 2
Roman and Venetian Opera
Read: G 288-293 & W & T #48: From the Letters of Monteverdi [PACKET]

Listen: Monteverdi, Poppea
Act I, Scene 3
[CD 4, #1 = NAWM 57]

W/Oct. 4
*Barbara Strozzi and the Cantata
Read: G 298-299 and Rosand, "The Voice of Barbara Strozzi" in Women Making Music [PACKET]
Strozzi, "Begli occhi"
[CD St8121v La virtuosissima cantatrice #6 & PACKET]
Strozzi, "Lagrime mie"
[CD 4, #12 = NAWM 60]

F/Oct. 6
Early Baroque Instrumental Music
Read: G 308-318
Frescobaldi, Toccata No. 3 (1637)
[CD 4, #35 = NAWM 68]
Marini, Sonata quarta
[CD In118 In Stil Moderno #9 & PACKET]

M/Oct. 9 Group Presentations: Corelli
Corelli and the Trio Sonata
Read: G 372-78
Corelli, Trio Sonata, Op. 3, No. 2
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
[CD 5, #22 = NAWM 77]

W/Oct. 11 Group Presentations: Vivaldi
Vivaldi, Musician at Venice
Read: G 390-96 and W & T #65: A Traveler's Impressions of Vivaldi [RESERVE]
Vivaldi, Concerto Grosso in G minor, Op. 3, No. 2
Movement 1
Movement 2
[CD 5, #27 = NAWM 78]

F/Oct. 13
Jean-Baptiste Lully and tragédie lyrique
Read: G 328 (bottom)-333
Listen: Lully, Armide excerpts
"Enfin il est en ma puissance"
[CD 4, #39 = NAWM 70]

M/Oct. 23 Research Paper Title, Outline, and Bibliography Due
Late Seventeenth-Century Opera: Henry Purcell
Read: G 333-336
Listen: Purcell, Dido and Aeneas excerpts from Act III
Thy hand, Belinda / When I am laid in earth
With drooping wings
[CD 5, #1 = NAWM 71]

W/Oct. 25
Italian Opera in Transition
Read: G 327-28 and W & T #61: Castrato Singers [PACKET]
Listen: A. Scarlatti, La Griselda excerpt
"Mi rivedi"
[CD 4, #36 = NAWM 69]

F/Oct. 27
Handel in London, Part 1: Italian Opera
Read: G 423-30 & 456-57
Listen: Handel, Giulio Cesare
"Dall'ondoso periglio"
[CD 6, #20 = NAWM 85]
Handel, Scipione
"Scoglio d'immota fronte"
[CD H11scR Scipione & PACKET]

M/Oct. 30
*Handel in London, Part 2: The Oratorio
Read: G 430-435 & David Hunter, "Patronizing Handel, inventing audiences: the intersections of class, money, music and history" in Early Music 28/1 (Feb., 2000) [RESERVE]
Listen: Handel, Jephtha excerpt
"How dark, O Lord, are Thy decrees!"
[CD 6, #26 = NAWM 86]

W/Nov. 1
Late Baroque Opera: Jean-Philippe Rameau
Read: G 396-403
Listen: Rameau, Hippolyte et Aricie excerpt
"Ah! faut-il"
[CD 5, #36 = NAWM 80]

F/Nov. 3
J.S. Bach: His Career and Instrumental Music
Read: G 403-414 and W & T #70 [PACKET]
Bach, Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543
[CD 5, #37 = NAWM #81]
Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
[CD B12br Bach, Brandenburg Concertos]

M/Nov. 6 Listening quiz 2
J.S. Bach: Vocal Music
Read: G 414-423
Listen: Bach, Cantata, Wachet auf, ruft uns die, BWV 140
"Wachet auf" (opening chorus)
"Er kommt" (recitative)
"Wenn kömmst" (aria: duet)
"Zion hört" (tenor, chorale)
"So geh herein zu mir" (recitative)
"Mein Freund ist mein" (aria: duet)
"Gloria sei dir gesungen" (chorale)
[CD 6, #1 = NAWM #83]

W/Nov. 8
Introduction to Music of the Classic Period
Read: G 439-49

F/Nov. 10
*Early Italian Comic Opera: Gender Ambiguity
Read: G 451-53 & Nina Treadwell, "Female operatic cross-dressing: Bernardo Saddumene's libretto for Leonardo Vinci's Li zite 'n galera (1722)" in Cambridge Opera Journal 10/2 (1998) [PACKET]
Listen: Vinci, Li zite
"So sciore"
"T'aggio mmideja"
[CD V741z Li zite 'n galera (cd 1), #5 & #13]

M/Nov. 13
The Intermezzo: Pergolesi's La serva padrona
Read: G 452-455
Listen: Pergolesi, La serva padrona
"Sempre in contrasti"
[CD P41sN Pergolesi, La serva padrona]

W/Nov. 15
The Early Symphony: G.B. Sammartini
Read: G 471-72
Listen: Symphony for Strings in D major (JC 15)
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
[LP Sa41sy Five Symphonies]

F/Nov. 17
Music at the Court of Mannheim
Read: G 475-76 and Eugene Wolf, "The Mannheim Court" in The Classical Era, ed. Neal Zaslaw [RESERVE]
Listen: Stamitz, Symphony in D Major (La melodica germanica/ Op. 11, no. 1)
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
[LP St2wi Stamitz, Instrumental music. Selections.]

M/Nov. 20 Research Paper Due
Opera Seria and "Reform" Opera
Read: G 454-60 and 463-66
Listen: Gluck, Orfeo ed Euridice, Act 1, Scenes 1 & 2
1: Chorus with Orfeo
2: Instrumental
3: Chorus
4: Aria
[CD G52oB Orfeo ed Euridice]

W/Nov. 22
Haydn at Eszterháza
Read: G 484-87 & 490-91and W & T #81: Haydn's Duties in the Service of Prince Esterházy
Listen: Haydn, Symphony in F Minor (no. 35a or 49, La Passione)
2nd movement
[CD H32sy48 Haydn, Symphonies]

M/Nov. 27 Listening quiz 3
Haydn at London
Read: G 487-89 & 493-95
Listen: Symphony No. 99 in E-flat Major
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
[LP H32sy99 Haydn, Symphony No. 99]

W/Nov. 29
Haydn and the String Quartet
Read: G 496-502
Listen: String Quartet in F major (op. 77 ii)
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4

F/Dec. 1
Mozart: Early Works and the Salzburg Years
Read: G 508-11 & 514
Listen: Piano Concerto No. 9 in E-flat, K 271
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
[CD M87cpH Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 9]

M/Dec. 4
Mozart and Opera
Read: G 525-28
Listen: Don Giovanni
"Madamina, il catalogo"
"Ah! Taci, ingiusto core"
[CD M87dN Don Giovanni]
Listen: Die Zauberflöte
"Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja"
"O Isis und Osiris"
[CD Mozart, Die Zauberflöte]

W/Dec. 6
Class presentations of research assignment

F/Dec. 8
Class presentations of research assignment


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