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Welcome to the Grinnell College Web site for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)! This site contains answers to some frequently asked questions about GIS.

What is GIS?

GIS stands for “Geographic Information Systems.” Broadly speaking, GIS is exactly what it sounds like: a computerized system for working with geographic information.

What is GIS for?

GIS can be used to analyze problems in many academic discplines. Do you want to identify likely nesting sites for endangered birds? Do you want to examine the distribution of markets and fairs in medieval England? Do you want to trace the spread of a disease outbreak? Do you want to analyze the relationship between where people live and how they vote? Then GIS is for you!

How do I get GIS software?

GIS software is already installed on the computers in several of the campus computer labs, including the Creative Computing Lab (CCL) in the Forum and the Interactive Instructional Facility (IIF) in the Burling Library. A full list of computers with GIS software installed is on the Spaces and Reservations page.

Faculty and staff who would like to have ArcGIS installed on their office computers should contact their ITS Support Team.

What if I have more questions?

See the Support page for links to other resources and a list of people who support GIS on campus.

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