CLS 248-01: Greek Archaeology and Art
Spring Semester, 2003

Gerald V. Lalonde
ARH 311B | x4264 | | Office Hours: MWF, 11-12; 3:15-4:05; TTh, 2:15-4:05 or appt.

Bronze Age Lerna Gallery

E.H. Circuit Wall, Lerna III (75,067 bytes) E.H. Towers, Lerna III (68,127 bytes) House of Tiles from West, Lerna III (54,675 bytes) E.H. sauceboat, Lerna III (30,145 bytes) E.H. sauceboat, Lerna III (84,055 bytes)
E.H. basic, Lerna III (68,872 bytes) Clay sealing from House of Tiles, Lerna III (35,650 bytes) Patterned Jar, Lerna IV (32,755 bytes) Bowl with pedestal, patterned ware, Lerna IV (30,366 bytes)
Imported Trojan jar. Lerna IV (25,393 bytes) M.H. House 98 A, Lerna V, cut by Shaft Grave II (52,488 bytes) M.H. apsidal houses, Lerna V (66,436 bytes) Gray Minyan kantharos, Lerna V (25,607 bytes) Matt-painted pithoid jar, Lerna V (32,476 bytes)
Cup in Kamares ware (M.M. IIa), Lerna V (watercolor) (21,501 bytes)        

Department of Classics | Grinnell College
March 5, 2003