Biology 252-02 -- Organisms, Evolution, and Ecology

Spring 2008 -- Prof. J. Brown

Biology Department, Grinnell College

Course information


Weekly Assignment Sheets (with Focus Questions)

Woodland flower study guide (pdf)

Summary of CERA Carbon dynamics experiment (.ppt)

Class readings available online:
Powerpoint presentations

Old Quizzes:

Problem Sets/Self-tests:

  1. Allometry problem set Week 1
  2. Interpreting evolutionary trees
  3. Analysis of variance Week 3
Lab Handouts

Anuran Locomotion  -- Here are the data the class generated in 2004

Useful Links

Investigations -- A manual for Biology and Chemistry classes at Grinnell

Website for Molles' Ecology textbook  -- online quizzes etc.

Charles Darwin's writings available on-line

Todd Jackman's Caribbean Anole page

Links about prairie plants: excellent data base with lots of information and pictures on each plant  table of prairie plant characteristics  Missouri  Botanical Garden  information about prairies plants
 seed company, has nice pictures and general info

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts -- the first choice for Biology literature searches

Kevin Engel's Information Strategery Guide for Biology

Conard Environmental Research Area -- Grinnell's Biology Field Station

The Tree of Life Web Project -- organizing life's diversity phylogenetically

Warren Abrahamson's Solidago-Eurosta gall pages

Author:  Jackie Brown
Last edit:  21 Jan 2008
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