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Noyce Science Center
1- Welcome! 2- Upstairs 3- Curved hall
4- Courtyard 5- Main classroom
6- Seminar room 7- Discussion room
8- South hall 9- Introductory chem lab
10- Intstrument room 11- Organic chem lab
12- Workshop classroom 13- Workshop lab
14- Faculty research 15- NMR spectroscopy
16- Physical chem/ analyt.instrumentation lab
17- Student study area 18 - Study carrels
19- Stockroom
20- West hall
21- Biological Chem Lab 22-Adv Synthesis Lab
23- Kistle Science Library

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1: Welcome to the chemistry department!

The Grinnell College Chemistry Department is located in the Noyce Science Center. Phase II of the science building addition/renovation was completed in December 2007. We have updated this site to show several new department spaces. Thank you for visiting us today.

Click on numbered areas of the floorplan or use the navigation links on the left side of the page to progress through the tour.

West side of the Noyce science Center